Dr Kalu Scores Buhari Low On Democracy Dividends

Dr Kalu Scores Buhari Low On Democracy Dividends

By: Comr Amos Kalu

The National Publicity Secretary of People’s Democratic Party Youth Alliance, PDPYA, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, was a guest on KaftanTV to address the State of the Nation on their political programme, THE POLITY.

In his submissions, Dr Kalu said that facts abound of the clear evidence of the inability of Buhari-Led administration to fulfill many promises made to Nigerians in 2015, the very reasons the people were convinced to push Jonathan aside in his favour.

“Uptil now, what have we, nothing. Only theory of achievements, reeling off of figures that cannot be substantiated, claims that cannot be seen translated into the lives of the average Nigerian masses.

“Let me not make things ambiguous by dwelling on far fetched unattainable promises that even 50 years will not suffice them to achieve, lets put our eyes on smaller issues of reality like: 1. Economy, 2. Power, 3. Unemployment, 4. Insecurity, 5. Frauds/Corruption. These are the few factors that can help us to narrow it down to reality.

“1. Before 2015, Nigeria was known as the fastest growing economy in Africa under Jonathan, but today, it is difficult to know if we have an economy. The difficulties faced by the masses is glaring, yet no economic blue print to take us out of this condition.

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“We have been tagged the poverty capital of the world and the government will come out and say they reject it, which of course is mere propaganda that the government is known for. If you reject it, what do you have on ground to dispute that? Have the life of the citizens improved in any way since 2015? What have you done to improve it? The questions are endless begging for answers.

“2. Power. One of the promises of this administration was to fix power within 6 months, 6 years later, they couldn’t do anything yet. Infact it only got worse. Do they need another 8 years to start addressing the power pandemic that has crippled Nigerian Economy to date? I’ll leave that to the judgement of any propagandist.

“3. Unemployment. Last week or thereabouts, Professor Yemi Osinbajo told us that 39 million Nigerians are out of work and more millions will slip into poverty before the end of the year 2020. We know COVID-19 have had its own effects on employment, but it was like this before the pandemic, that is why when it came, they couldn’t offer any solution. Now they’re gradually beginning to admit when it is getting very late. My question remains, what is their approach, what proposed solution, where do we go from here as a nation?

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“4. Insecurity. This one has become a common way of life for Nigerians, sleeping with one eye open. Banditry, kidnapping, terrorism, Nigerians die daily and we move on as if nothing is wrong, yet we have a government. Everyday we are told Boko Haram have been decimated, as if annoyed by our government’s claims, the next day Boko Haram will attack and kill 50, we still call it patches of attack. But is it not lives of Nigerians that are being wasted everyday? Why is our government not being sincere to us, what more will it take to end the menace once and for all? Unless some people are feeding from spoils of the war.

“5. Curruption. One of the white horses with which Buhari rode to power was fighting corruption, but now it seems corruption is fighting back or we no longer know who is fighting who.
Cases of embezzlement, unaccountabilily and fraud is the order of the day. We saw a display of sportsmanship in the act of money laundering during COVID-19 palliative distribution, case closed, battle lost and won as if Nigeria is operating on autopilot. Everyone is now a king in his own office, accountable to only you, yourself and you again.

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“We have continued to borrow money to service our desires without building any industry or investing in human capital. This is the best way to kill any Nation.

“In as much as many Nigerians have chosen the path of silence and pretense over the ‘State of the Nation’, I have chosen to be the only voice that will continue to voice out these anomalies until people began to look beyond the veils of propaganda to know that surreptitiously, Buhari and APC have killed Nigeria and may bury her if nothing urgent is done to take power back from them.

“A party that cannot organize itself internally, can not handle a nation with positive results” he concluded.

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