Dr Maduka’s Passion For Good Governance And A Brighter Future For Anambra State

By, Juliet Agbata


Many a time Ndi Anambra complains about bad governance and worry about the future of our dear state. it is not as if the solutions to these issues were rocket science, the solutions are with the people of Anambra!

Aristotle once said that if you allow a person who is not knowledgeable in the act of statecraft to rule over a state, the state suffers injustice from the man. That said, it is the obligation and duty of Ndi Anambra to elect their leaders but again if you elect a dunderhead into a sensitive public office, certainly you will have a dunderhead administration.

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At this point it is important for Ndi Anambra in all political parties to nominate people who are knowledgeable in the act of statecraft, people who have principles, the will power to do what is right for the people. The PDP must avoid intrigues and focus on nominating a credible candidate, hence PDP delegates must as a matter of fact avoid the intrigues and promises of desperate politicians by focusing on electing a clean and credible candidate for the party in the forthcoming elections. If the PDP delegates elect a dunderhead then they should not expect much.

Therefore Dr. Godwin Maduka is ready to give Ndi Anambra the kind of leadership they deserve, and institute the much required good governance and enshrine constitutionalism to ensure a brighter future for Ndi Anambra. Okosisi Orumba, a gentleman who has distinguished himself in his chosen career in medicine has conquered the United States and indeed the world with his knowledge in pain management.

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An astute philanthropist, a go getter who has over the years contributed immensely to the human and structural development of various communities in the State. Dr. Maduka’s selfless service to the state cannot be over emphasized, he has drawn up a blueprint for the socio economic development of the state, so what then is left?

I humbly appeal to the PDP delegates who have been saddled with the responsibility of ensuring that we do not present a dunderhead as candidate to shine their eyes so that Ndi Anambra will not regret afterwards. I make this appeal knowing full well that the delegates have the opportunity to give Ndi Anambra a good leader, so I pray they don’t scuttle this chance for brief or immediate personal gain.

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As we approach the primaries the party delegates should know that the future of Ndi Anambra is in their hands.It’s time to make the right choice.

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