Drama As Wife Gives Husband A List Of Chores To Do Before He Can Have Sex With Her

Wife Gives Husband A List Of Chores To Do Before He Can Have Sex With Her

It was all fun and games when this tweet went viral – a man showing the list of chores his woman gave him with detailed instructions on cleaning the bathroom of their apartment. Moreso, this woman specified that she will open her ‘pum pum’ for him that night only if the tasks are completed. 

While reading the comments under this tweet, I couldn’t help but imagine what the reaction would’ve been if the genders were reversed. Just imagine if a husband created a list of bills his wife must pay before she can sleep in his house? or even chores to do before he can bring out money for feeding? Imagine the uproar and double standards that would generate.

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It is increasingly glaring that men have become the subservient gender in relationships and marriages – expected to give everything while gaining little in return. you aren’t even guaranteed the bare minimum (a faithful wife) for your efforts. In modern day relationships, men must remain traditional and be the sole providers while women no longer have to be traditional home keepers (their own responsibilities is now classed as oppression while yours remains a mandatory duty).

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This is the world we now live in.

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