Dressing Sharp… It’s Powerful

There are a lot of things women look for when they are trying to find the perfect man; trust, a sense of humour, kindness, good looks – to name but a few. But one of the most important things that women tend to notice first is how a man dresses. If you look great and have a sharp style, then you have already won half the battle and are bound to impress the lady you have got your eye on. A lot of men undervalue the importance of dressing sleek and smart. However, this is something which should certainly not be overlooked, and thus you should read on in order to discover why every girl is crazy for a sharp dressed man…

You gain our instant attention

If you walk into the room with a group of your friends and you are the best dressed then you will instantly get every girls’ attention. If you walk into the room with a group of friends and you are simply dressed in average men’s clothing then you will blend into the background. Check here if you want to ensure you match your facemask to your sharp sense of style. Being coordinated is a must!

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You give off an air of confidence

A man who is dressed sharp and smart looks confident and comfortable in their own skin. There is nothing more attractive than a man who knows who he is, and this is something which is definitely displayed via sleek style. When you are dressed well, you automatically feel good about yourself, and this is something that is evident via the aura that you give off when you walk into a room. 

You remind us of our favourite celebrities and heartthrobs 

When girls read books or watch films there is always that dreamy hunk who gets their attention and who they can’t stop thinking about – even if he isn’t real! This man always dresses smart and has an air of confidence about him. Take everyone’s latest favourite man, for example, Mr Grey from the 50 Shades of Grey book. He is always dressed smartly and this is one of his main attractions in the book. He is very rarely seen without a smart shirt or a suit on.

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You appear independent and self-sufficient 

You would not believe how many men require their girlfriends (or even their mum or sisters) to pick out their clothes for them. When a single man walks into a bar and he looks like he has been dressed in the dark, then you get the impression that he is the type of person who is going to be very reliant on you. If a single man walks into a bar and he looks good, then you get the impression that he is in complete control of his life. 

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You give off the ultimate sex appeal

There is nothing that makes women go weak in the knees more than a man who is dressed smartly. Most women love a man who is wearing a suit, or is at least in some form of formal wear. If you are looking to go on the pull, then dress smart! 

So men, if you want to make the right impression then you need to be very careful when selecting what to wear. There are some fantastic men’s clothing garments out there at the moment, so take advantage of this and make the right impression. After all; there is nothing that women love more than a sharp dressed man!

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