Drinking Alcohol is not a Sin, even in Heaven they drink wine – Reno Omokri

Drinking Alcohol is not a Sin, even in Heaven they drink wine – Reno Omokri

Reno omokri has said that Drinking alcohol is not a sin.

The Amazon bestseller author added that It is unscriptural to preach against alcohol. Even in heaven they drink wine.

In a post sighted by Odince News On Twitter Handle, He wrote: “With regard to my last tweet, religionists argue that if Scripture says wine, it refers to non alcoholic wine. Scriptural wine is ALCOHOLIC (John 2:10). Deut 14:26 even refers to it as STRONG DRINK. Anything done in excess, including wine, is a sin.”

“Drinking alcohol is no sin. Drunkenness is sin. It is unscriptural to preach against alcohol. Even in heaven they drink wine (Matthew 26:29). Paul encouraged wine drinking (1 Tim 5:23). Scripture allows you use your tithe to buy alcohol (Deu 14:26).”

“Study the 100 richest people on @Forbes list. None of them flaunt. Look at the royal families of Europe. They don’t flaunt. Why? Because they are used to money. Flaunting is a symptom of being overwhelmed by sudden, unexpected and unearned wealth.”

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“It is uninformed to say Christ turned water into non alcoholic wine. Not only that, you invite curses on yourself by virtue of Revelation 22:18. Even the governor of the feast confirmed that it was alcoholic wine (John 2:10). Drink. Don’t get drunk.”

“How fortunate for many churches that congregations read their pastors lips, but don’t read Scripture for themselves. You say drinking is a sin, yet Christ Himself drank (Matthew 11:19). Pick up Scripture and read it by yourself from cover to cover.”

“Don’t be misled by religious folk. On earth, Christ was a fun person. He attended get togethers (Matthew 9:10, Luke 14:1, Luke 19:5). He was very affectionate (John 13:23). Yet, He commanded respect (Matthew 7:29). He also dressed well (John 19:23).”

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“If you can’t sleep at night, don’t take a sleeping pill. Instead, close your eyes and start talking to God. Talk to Him for 5 minutes. Then start listening for God. Listen for Him until He speaks. Then you will sleep. God created both you and sleep.”

“Your success is measured by @Forbes magazine, but your satisfaction should be measured by your imagination. Don’t wait until Forbes tells you you are successful before you can be satisfied. Choose to be satisfied now. It is your life, not Forbes’!”

“If you want to respect yourself and you want people to respect you, learn to make money. Without money, you will be dependent on others. When you’re dependent on others, they wont respect you. Invest for your old age, so you dont get old disrespect.”

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“Some people don’t like fun. They lack ability to inter relate well, without strict rules. So, they become religious, and adopt their biases as religious doctrines, then force it on others. Christ was a fun person. Be like Him, not religious people.”

“Forget about the pretenses. The truth is that there are more people who will be disappointed at your achievements than those who will be disappointed at your failures. They want you to fail, and they are frustrated that you succeeded beyond them!”

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