Ebubeagu: You are facing your own people – Dele Momodu tells South East Governors

Dele Momodu tells South East Governors

The CEO and publisher of Ovation International, Chief Dele Momodu, has blasted Nigerian leaders by saying they are all “chicken hearted”. He said that as he reacted to the formation of Ebubeagu, a newly formed regional security outfit in the South East of Nigeria.

Speaking about the creation of Ebubeagu, Dele Momodu said the Governors were not clear about the objectives of the security outfit and added that it made him feel Ebubeagu was “probably” formed to fight those agitating for freedom within the South East region.

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“I thought they will say we are going to go after bandits, we are going to go after terrorists, we are going to go after invaders… No! But it’s obvious they are forming their security probably to fight some people who are agitating for freedom within their zone. It doesn’t make sense to me,” said Dele Momodu.

Speaking further he said it appears the Governors are not facing the oppressors but are facing their own people who are exercising their right by demanding for freedom to choose who they associate with.

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He also talked about Governor Hope Uzodimma who revealed he was the one that invited the Army to Orlu, Imo State, about two months ago. Speaking about that, he questioned why such seem to only happen in the South after pointing out that such is yet to happen in places like Zamfara where the rate of kidnap is quite high.

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