Edo 2020: PDP Members Attack APC Members Over Palliative Repair Of Evboutubu Road Before Water In Ward One Egor

PDP Members Attack APC Members Over Palliative Repair Of Evboutubu Road Before Water In Ward One Egor

By: Hon Nosa Enekpen Oviarobo

In order to make Evbuotubu road before water motorable,We the Apc as a party took a drastical approach to grade n clear the moods off the road so that motorist can begin to access the road as a palliative to rescue the yearnings n aspirations of the people of ward 1 in evboutubu community.

as the grader was working on the bad sport popularly know as Evbuotubu before water, some PDP youth led by The Mr Austin osagie A. K. A the blues came and ask us to stop working on the road, according to him, he said PDP government is the one that is suppose to clear the road and not APC, there was a little argument and it was resolved n agreed that we clear the road so that vehicle can be pass through. as the grader was working, one Mr Odion Orumwense who who claim to be an SSA to governor Obaseki came again and order the driver to stop working, noticing the self aclaim SSA order, Hon Agbons Ovoranmen a chieftain of Apc in the ward told him to allow the grader to finish his job but Mr Odion orumwense refuse the diplomatic approach of Hon Agbons the Apc chieftain, instead Mr odion orumwense started fighting with Hon Agbons, n even tore his cloths, himself, n one Mr Sam Emovon and some other PDP youth collected the phone belonging to one of Apc member and deleted all the videos inside n damage the phone , mr Odion claim that he is on a directive of the Governor to kill any opposition party members who tend to campaign or use anything to campaign against him in Egor most especially in ward one n that opposition party don’t have right to work on any road or grade any health road in ward one because they are the one in government with the Governor immunity covering them and they are the one to work on the roads. As a law, abiding party the Apc we decided to approach the police, specifically evboutubu police station to note down the issues, of threat to life n civil distorbance before the security agencies .

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Questions, is this how Obaseki want to govern the state with thugs n miscreants.

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