Edo 2020: Why APC Wil Lose Woefully

Edo 2020: Why APC Wil Lose Woefully

It appears PDP played a fast one on APC and Ize-iyamu again. While PDP sold a dummy to them on likely running mate from one of the former aspirants from Edo Central, APC hurriedly picked a candidate from Etsako LGA, which is in Edo North. PDP and Obaseki now turned around to pick Shuaibu the current deputy governor.
The implication of above is that Edo Central that have not produced any governor and arguable the political bride in this election would have to wait another 8 years under APC but just 4 years under a PDP controlled Edo.
POI did well in Edo Central in 2016 because his running mate John Yakubu is from Edo Central. Now abandoning them to go north spells doom for APC in Edo Central.
Second point of note is the stigma of Godfatherism that Edo people strongly abhor. Even Oba”s statement on the matter is still reverberating the entire Edo State. Now to add the fact that Oshomole called Ize-iyamu several unprintable names adds pepper to an already bad pain. At one instance Oshomole called Ize-iyamu a cultist who was rusticated from Uniben because he killed a fellow student. At other fora same Oshomole told Edo people that Ize-iyamu was only good as a political tool but not reliable to hold a position of trust. A thief, fake pastor who is using church to cover. Oshomole even said Ize-iyamu who was Lucky Igbinedion’s chief of staff and later secretary to state government was responsible for pillaging Edo resources under Lucky. So to an average Edo voter, how will same person come now to explain that what he said 4 years ago was a lie?
Lastly Obaseki/Shuaibu ticket have good grip on Edo APC structure even as we speak. The chairmen of all 192 APC wards, 24 LGAs and State Chairmen, Anslem Ojesua is Obaseki supporter. Leaving APC with men in APC T-Shirts but PDP heart. How Uze-Iyamu and APC will destry this structure still beats my imagination.
Though the national party structure of APC appears to be seemingly together, the state is still in tatters. The Edo People’s Movement is just a faction of APC in Edo and us Not recognised. Leaving APC campaign under Ojesua and his men spells doom for APC. Any attempt to dissolve the current executives will lead to another round of legal tussle.
4+4 for Godwin Obaseki lioks highly assured.
However, only God has the ultimate power to choose a Leader.

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