Eid-el-Fitr: Kalu charges Muslim faithfuls to pray for Nigeria restoration

The National Publicity Secretary of PDP Youth Alliance, Chief Dr Emeka Kalu, has called on Muslim faithful to use this period of spiritual reflection to pray for the peace, love, unity and restoration of Nigeria for the good of all; especially at such time as this that Coronavirus pandemic had put spanner in the works of our progress as a nation.

Kalu made this call in a press statement he personally signed and made available to the Press.

According to him, there’s no obstacle, challenge or hill that a sincere and fervent prayer will not remove, that is why we must take advantage of this prayers of Eid el Fitr to beseech our maker for the sake of a better Nigeria, asking him to take away the hardship and errors of coronavirus plaguing Nigeria and the entire human race.

In the same instance, he stressed of the need to remember Nigeria leaders in prayers to remind them of the lofty assignments placed in their hands to fend for the people. He acknowledged that leadership is a task that no man can accomplish alone without Divine assistance. Therefore, let no leader forget that power is transient and mustn’t falter in using every opportunity to serve humanity.

Above all, Dr Kalu called on the Muslim fatlithful to pray for the unity of Nigeria, asking Allah to take away every divisiveness and actions that divide rather than unite Nigerians, stressing that this period of challenge for all Nigerians is a time we must share more, unite more, and believe more to enable us conquer our common enemy, Coronavirus, and move forward together as a people.

We should always pray for Nigeria restoration.

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