Emir Of Kano Is Nothing But A Public Officer – Abubakar Rimi

In this interview done in the 1980s, the governor of Kano state, Alhaji Mohammed Abubakar RimI educates the interviewer and Nigerians as a whole on the office of the Emir of Kano.

He stated that as far as an elected government of the state (kano) is concerned, the Emir of kano is nothing but a public officer; not a civil servant.

In his words, “he is a public officer, holding a public office, and who is being paid from public funds”. He further stressed that the Emirs appointment is at the pleasure of the governor of the state and can be dismissed, suspended, removed if he commits an offense.

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“Emir of kano is equal to any other paid Emir if he commits an offense which should make us remove him, we would remove him and we would sleep soundly”.

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