Emotional Blackmail Will Not Stop The Recovery Of Imo Commonwealth

By: Ezeafurukwe Paul Ihunanya

One thing Okorocha and his men should quit doing is to recklessly remind Imolites of their situation and how much more they looted our commonwealth during Okorocha’s unproductive 8years in office just to emotionally blackmail Imolites thereby currying sympathy and pitch them against Gov. Hope Uzodimma and his recovery moves.

It has become obvious even to Okorocha and his men that until they return what they stole from the state, they won’t enjoy the goodwill they crave for and this has left them in a state of dilemma. They’re equally aware that Gov. Hope Uzodimma is more than serious in the quest to recover all and he is not giving in to their distractions. Hence, they want to arm twist him with the people.

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Rochas Okorocha and his hallelujah boys are the biggest clowns if they still think Imolites are interested in their circus of play or still living in their tall dreams of being the puppeteer and Imolites puppets after what they did to us during the ill-fated administration. Anything Okorocha sparks off anger and retribution and if not for the legal and mature approach of the governor towards this issue, Okorocha would’ve been clamped down by angry Imolites. His free movement in and out of Imo state is as a result of the diplomatic approach deployed by Gov Hope Uzodimma to recover our commonwealth. Outside that, Imolites in their numbers would have mobbed Rochas and his urchins ( I guess we have not forgotten the Uche Onyeaguocha and his airport saga)

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Let us reinstate our resolve and state it clearly to Okorocha and his boys parading all sorts of images and crooked piece of writing that no amount of emotional blackmail can turn the people against Gov. Hope Uzodimma or his quest to recover back what belongs to the people. Rather than wasting their time on childish comical conspiracies, they should count all that belongs to state and start returning them immediately.

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Imolites should disregard the wailings of the wailers as it is mischievous and another ploy to get their attentions off the recovery of their commonwealth but continue to trust and believe that Gov. Hope Uzodimma means well for all and sundry and his style of recovery is not vindictive or an act of witch-hunt but one done through due process and for the benefit of all.

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