#Endsars: The Agony Of Nigerians

Nigeria flag with blood

By: Nwankwo Paschal

We have all seen the State of our dear nation called Nigeria. The freedom and right that we have as citizens have been truncated by those who are meant to protect us. The ones that we entrusted with our security have turned back to be our main enemies.

Protests have been rocking different parts of this country, but our government are acting as if we don’t exist. The protest was peaceful, but our own Government turned it into a blood shedding venture.

20 October, 2020 is the worst days in Nigeria after the civil war. A day that soldiers opened fire against peaceful protesters that are holding Nigerian flag. Many were feard dead while others were injured. What is the essence of Military code 101? Does it mean that the white in our flag does not represent “peace” again?

How can a country’s military men use snippers on his own citizens? This is the worst experience that I have ever had in this country called Nigeria. I have never been in this mood in my life, but for the fact that tears rolled down through my eyes, Perpetrators of this evil act will know no peace till death.

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It will Interest you that none of the so-called leaders and security chiefs admitted to have sent the army to go and shoot at protesters. Where do we go from here!

Do you want to tell me that soldiers now carryout attacks without commands! Thank God for this digital generation. The internet Never forgets! The videos are everywhere and non of them can deny it.

How can PMB tell the whole world that he knows nothing about the soldiers that went to shoot protesters? What made him the commander in chief?

How can Gen. Buratai tell Nigerians that he knows nothing about the soldiers that shoot peaceful protesters? “Even as the Army General”.

How can the Governor of Lagos State explain to Nigerians that he knows nothing about the shooting, when all this things happened in his own State. This people have nothing to use and justify the lives of all our innocent citizens that was shoot in Lekki toll gate. The white in our flag have lost its credibility and changed to the blood of our innocent youths that was massacred.

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The President of Nigeria gave us the highest shock during his live broadcast. How can we believe that our president did not care to mention the actual problems in the nation. How can the president Skip to address the main issues about peaceful protesters that was shoot. He is busy making warnings, stating that the international body should not make judgements without proper investigation.

He is busy talking about Oba of Lagos, whom his palace was invaded. This is heartless! Did the Oba told you what he did with the palliatives given to him for the poor masses? Did he Inform you that the things meant for the poor was stocked in his different warehouses. Indeed our leaders are so heartless!

The President was so fast to mention police officers that lost their lives on the protests, but forgetting to mention all those that was shoot in Lekki toll gate by soldiers and police in different parts of the federation. This is the same police in which the Youths are trying to make their lives better.

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Oooh God! Which one will I say and leave the other. Our leaders have totally failed us. What is the big deal in all the demands placed before the president of Nigeria. This protest is a situation that should have been controlled by our president, but he ignored all and Allowed it to escalate.

I have seen Soo many videos that makes my heart bleed. How can a police officer or soldier be proud of facing people without arms and shootings at them. What kind of country is this. Security of lives and property which should be the primary responsibility of our leaders have changed to the opposite. The blood of the innocent citizens that was shoot in this protest will always unleashed hell on those involved in this plan to terminate people’s lives. They shall know no peace!!!

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