#Endsars: You’ve Done Noble,The Voice And Impact Of This Brilliant Generation Needs To Be Heard, Felt – Dr Godwin Maduka

Dr. Godwin Maduka (Okosisi Orumba), a PDP Anambra 2021 frontline gubernatorial aspirant resounds his support for the protest against police brutality, profiling, extortions and highhandedness. In his reaction to the nationwide protest on #ENDSARS, he said “To be honest, I must commend the Nigerian youths for the peaceful conduct of the protests this far. I am overwhelmed by the unity, organizational acumen, sacrificial spirit, persistence and shared brotherhood by protesters. The youthful population has been given very little or no opportunity to thrive, and they are called lazy, leaders of tomorrow”?

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Speaking further in support of the demands that necessitated the protest, the world renowned medical expert said “As you can see, this protest transcends tribes, religious sects and political affiliation. The voice and impact of this brilliant generation need to be heard and felt, otherwise, you would only remain leaders of a tomorrow that will never come”.

This is a generation that is hell bent on taking the country back from the jaws of unemployment, insecurity, corruption, inequality and tribalism. So far, there’re no news of violence or resort to vandalism, they clean up the venues of the protests and dispose off the waste properly. This has further demonstrated that when we speak with one voice, there’s no limit to what we can achieve.

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Okosisi Orumba reiterated that this ban shouldn’t be the usual annual ritual. Creating a replacement unit without a proper overhaul of the police force would simply be a situation of an old wine in a new bottle. Dialogue and continuous engagement should be sustained until all the issues raised are addressed.

Engr Obinna Okafor
SA Media & Strategic Communication to Dr. Godwin Maduka

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