ESN Soldiers Might Betray Nnamdi Kanu If FG Can Secretly Do This

Eastern security network

Eastern security network (ESN) was created last year by the leader of Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB) Nnamdi kanu to serve as regional police and save the Igbo people from killing and others criminal activities that are happening in the South East. But the weapons they are holding make some Nigerian see them as a terrorist group.

The federal government have deployed their soldiers to fished out their hiding place but the result didn’t come out well.

If FG can do this 3 thing to the ESN soldiers they will betray Nnamdi kanu in no time.

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Negotiating with them:

According to the news I heard some weeks ago, majority of the ESN member are graduate but no job, some of them joined the ESN group because that’s the only option for them to put food on their table. You can’t have a self-owned business which you are making real money there and join ESN. Can you? What do you expect from a grown-up adult that can’t feed him not to talk of his family? If FG negotiates with these people secretly, they will know how to handle them better than deploying soldiers to the hiding place which will never work.

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Recruiting them to the Nigerian Soldiers:

Yes! They deserve this, the ESN soldiers that I am seeing already have what it takes to be a Nigerian soldier. They are lanky, healthy and fit. Holding guns and all other training soldiers do is not new to them anymore. FG didn’t need to work too much on them before adapting to the laws and rules every soldier must obey.

Giving them a free allowance:

This will sound like a jackpot to them if FG can do this secretly too, Imagine people that IPOB is giving 50k monthly for example are now backing 100k allowance from FG. This step we do a lot in reforming their life even to the stage they can never think of.

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  1. Since desperation amounts to death sentence, would you still do it? ESN soldiers are not like zoo soldiers. So, forget that your enemy advice.

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