FALSE! COVID-19:Anambra Discovers 4 New Ventilators Procured By Peter Obi’s Govt

By Evang Chinedu Obigwe

The above news report that is currently trending on social media platforms is a deliberate attempt to deceive the public. It is a panicky move by Peter Obi’s propaganda machinery to deflect attention from current expose of the N127b debt left behind for the Obiano administration. The above report is just an effort to whitewash the Peter Obi administration’s battered image.

My investigation revealed that there is nothing like the discovery of abandoned medical Ventilators Procured by Peter Obi government at the twilight of his administration.

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What they termed the discovery of abandoned Ventilators are obsolete machines that never worked for one day from the day Peter Obi brought them into Anambra.

As at the period they procured the machines, Peter Obi administration did not make use of them because many parts of the machines were missing and the machines were already obsolete before they purchased it.

They dumped the machine because of the huge cost to fix it.

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Ventilators are not among the abandoned machines.

It was the gracious intervention of Governor Obiano that made Amaku to be working currently.

Stingness made the last administration to buy cheap and inferior medical machines for ndi Anambra and when they discovered that it will cost a lot to fix those machines, they left them as abandoned State government property.

Peter Obi’s men tried to be clever by half by saying the machines were obsolete but not stating that the machines were already obsolete right from the day it was brought into Anambra State under Peter Obi’s administration.

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The general public should disregard the fallacious story of the discovery of 4 Ventilators procured by Peter Obi’s government because to be misinformed is to be deformed.

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