Ffk Is No Doubt A Great Soul The Gods Had Attempted To Destroy. But For Various Interventions


I have been persuaded to stop my constant attacks on Femi Fani-Kayode since he is now with us in the APC by some of my ardent readers and followers on the social media platforms. But wrong is wrong and should be denounced anyway possible no matter whose ass it seeks to ruffled. Beside, I am nobody’s sponsor. I do what I do for the children sake.

IN any case I do not attack Kayode. That is not correct. I merely give him the right image of himself. And I do so as one gifted in that field by the grace of the Lord. I reveal intrinsically what is truly troubling him; unknown to him. And there is no way to do that other than refuting his highly mastered lies meant to incite the public unduly. I confront him esoterically being empathic of his demeaning portraiture with explanations that’s suiting as a balm if he does reflect on the points I do raise over his misjudgment on issues be it in politics or morality.

WHICH is why as many times as I talk about him or refute his numerous highly porous and unfounded claims meant to derail the focus of government, there is something fundamental to learn or ague about his kind of evolution and engagements, be it in the areas of politics or in his character disposition for whom he often claims to be.

I DO what I know is right for free and demand for no credit. Even though credit never leaves me. Despite many conspiracies against my latest political journey. I am however compelled to fulfill my promised of last week. Where I intend to state what caused Fani-Kayode’s hurried defection from PDP to APC. It is imperative I do so else I would be termed a lier by my ardent readers here.

AND in doing so I must quickly debunk Kayode’s insinuation aimed at inciting the unsuspecting public by using the name of one of our APC leaders in the South South region and the present minister for works chief Rotimi Ameachi in his fight, or so it seems, with Governor Nyensom Wike of River state. Mindfully, I will equally do so in defense of anybody enthroned by the Lord in leadership position regardless of party affiliations; to denounce decadence for the sake of the children who are steadily watching what the elders do to their fretfulness.

UNFORTUNATELY for Kayode his stay in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) from where he is now defecting has not been quite accommodating for him since the Governor of Rivers state, His Excellency Governor Nyesom Wike became one of the party’s driving forces and would not tolerate his kind of excesses. Unlike before when it was being run predominantly by those from the North with some Yoruba heavy weights with whom Kayode is familiar intermittently influencing issues. He had his way with those sets of individuals and often goes to them at night to plead or through his contacts. Promising to be of good behavior as well as an “attack dog” on behalf of some political desperados within, for whom he does the hatchet jobs for a handsome pay packet, so we were been told.

THAT was how he was encouraged and went ahead on a test run to commence an open abuse on President Mohammadu Buhari which he did without looking back. And this was after he had had a complete dressed-down on the former president, Dr. Goodluck Ebelle Jonathan whom he had accused of being cloudless and inept for the position he held then as the President of the country.

THE result of that effort against the current president was rewarded with the juicy position where he once acted as the party’s spokesperson. It was from there he metamorphosed into a warlord and became a law unto himself. He says what he wants to say and to whom he feels like and gets away with it. Nobody does that. Those who ever did, do so from abroad. It’s only Kayode who could stay in Nigeria and accused President Mohammadu Buhari of being a “bloodsucker”. And equally described the vice President as: “that short Devil who calls himself a Pastor.” And nothing happens. He could not do or be allowed to carry out such acts again freely with Governor Wike now fully in control at the position of decision making in the PDP. Why?

THE Barton of leadership of PDP changed from being in the hands of the Northerners exclusively whom Kayode is said to easily manipulate, to the watching eyes of the rivers state Governor and a few others who meant business and were equally seen as no-nonsense leaders to condone the nuisance value of FFK. Governor Wike was at no time ever amused by his presence. And made no pretention about it. In the process, Kayode automatically seized to be relevant thenceforth in the party and strangely so.

Governor Wike and others had taken charge in repositioning the PDP to withstand the ruling APC. Whatever abuses Kayode was heaping on President Muhammad Buhari then was done purely at his own risk and not on behalf of the party. The party had an able spokesperson in the person of Mr. Kola Ologbondiyan who is more critical and one with an analytical mind. And didn’t need a Kayode to her rescue.

IT became clear that the river state Governor refused to recognise Kayode’s nuisance value of heaping insults on heads of authorities in government as a way of asserting himself unduly; done under party cover whether or not it helped their course was of no consequence and a non-issue to Governor Wike. And for the period of his stay he had no major job in the PDP where Wike and others had reigned supreme and still does. That was his major undoing. He was rendered jobless as far as Wike and co., were concern in the PDP.

ON the part of his recent outburst seen all over the net, Wike is not what Kayode recently lied about to make up for his defense in order to surge up his battered image. He accused the river state Governor of being a bully in order to open up a line of attack to gain relevance in his new romance with the ruling party. But it turned out to be a clear case of “the pot calling the kettle black”. He tried unsuccessfully to use the name of chief Rotimi Amaechi in his response to what Wike accused him of doing. In the widely advertised post he had released on the social media accusing the Governor of being ungrateful to Ameachi and Dr. Odilli both of whom he said helped him (Wike) to become the chairman of Obiakpo Local Government. That too became a very childish talk and unwelcoming for a man who ought to be discussing national issues going by his claims.

IT has never been on any record that Governor Wike had ever denied that chief Rotimi Ameachi was his boss at one time where he even served as his chief of staff neither has the minister, chief Ameachi ever denied the fact that Governor Wike was also one of his backbones and trusted ally in their struggle to capture power in Rivers state when the going was good between the duo. Such ploy by Kayode seems to have fallen flat on arrival and portrays him as one seeking for notice over a poorly delivered attack on one of PDP’S henchmen.

KAYODE should be magnanimous in accepting his downfall. And stop name dropping. That will not reinvent nor excuse him from all the atrocities he had caused the ruling party where he incited the citizens against President Buhari without tendering a public apology yet and be remorseful to have been allowed a breather by those who accepted him into the party. Worthless as he now is, the false impression he is now trying to give to a highly charged information conscious public having full prevailed of his antics, is death on arrival. Claiming to have come to APC to help fight her rival the PDP without the deserving moral base, is a story rather be told to the marines.

HOWEVER, the Honourable minister, chief Rotimi Ameachi will never touch FFK with a finger. Why? Because he did say so openly himself once on channels Television where he accused Kayode of running away with billions of Rivers state’s money given to him by former Governor Peter Odilli, meant to fix the Port Harcourt airport run-way, then as minister of Aviation. Where is the project cash?

WHAT He said about the river state Governor is never true. Wike is known to be a fighter for his right within his party the PDP from time. He is highly revered as one of its financiers and political backbone. And one who brings both glamour, vigour and does ignite controversy in the course of fixing the party’s highly depleted image and clout. This he does unweariedly and usually runs into trouble against whoever tries to undermine their effort at reawakening the current PDP whose present success as a standing “eroko tree” is attributed largely to his financial contributions, consistency in doing that which he is convinced is the right thing to do without allowing himself to be intimidated or being cowed to back down. Including his political sagacity and doggedness. The noble effort is no doubt meant to keep the PDP afloat besides the concerns showed by people like Alhaji Tambuwal of Sokoto state, Alhaji Atiku Abubaker, former Senate President Bokular Saraki, amongst others.

THE second reasons for Kayode’s urgent defection to the ruling party is the fear of being arrested for inciting the public with the so many untrue things he says against government without being apprehended by the authorities since the one giving him the spiritual protection in the person of late senior Prophet T. B. Joshua, is now gone to the world beyond.

IN one of my articles sometime ago, I tried to describe how daemons are used to destroy great Souls by members of their families. I opined that when these evil people (be it in the Church, one’s family or wherever) are unable to kill or transmit the Soul of their victims to appease the gods of their inclination for financial or other gains, they will unleash demons into the person’s system as a punishment out of annoyance, which intermittently will be manipulating the person to do horrible things. And except you have people around to help you out, you may become a lunatic, going about acting between a normal person and one suffering from insanity.

THIS also depends on the presence of the daemons in the person in terms of their regularity. If they sparsely visit their victim, the person would have the latitude like in the case of Kayode, to behave normal over those periods of time where they are seen to be absent. Nonetheless, they’re always around and nearby in case there is room or enough reasons to jump into the person and get ahold of his inner person, whenever they will.

IN Fani-Kayode’s case, fortunately for him, those daemons are kept on check by people who have his interest at heart. It is only when he is being provoked to the point of getting annoyed that the anger in him which, in the cause of such exertion, generates a sort of force, that takes a form to now telepathically transmits its negative contents which invariably in such instance invites or attracts its like, which are homogeneous to the demons who are always lurking around and nosing for lee ways. This is so because he has not been truly freed or delivered from their grip. Such, said Jesus Christ, cannot be delivered by mere prayers and fasting alone which are mostly organized today, by those who are evil personified but pretending to be children of the Most High.

THE third and final reason why Kayode seeks to cross over to APC is about the indomitable feat of “Obi Ojage”. My consistency and determination in making sure that I counter all of Kayode’s abuses and lies told against our President and party, whenever he ever raises his head to utter those jargons. And I have been consistently articulate in giving him the right image of himself frontally. Which many people avoid to do for fear of a reprisal attack from him.

IN addition to that, quite recently the special adviser to the President on media and publicity, Chief Femi Adesina has just stepped up his game in hard talk-approach in defense of his principal. Unlike before where he grudgingly took on those who arrogantly say things that would have warranted his reply but he ignores it allowing Malam Shehu Garba to do the slamming. But not now again with Adesina. That too worries Kayode. So too with Malam Gaba Shehu who has been on full throttle in defense of Buhari lately. And would make no hesitation in stretching Kayode to the point of his arrest, the way things seems to be unfolding.

MORE SO, was the sudden and James-Bon’s method involved in the capturing and subsequent incarceration of his two allies, namely, the (IPOB) leader, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and Sunday Igboho, is enough signal to him that there is no hiding place for wrong doers in the new Buhari’s stands against insurgency and hate speeches.

SENIOR Prophet T. B. Joshua is not there anymore to either pray to shield him from harm’s way or make several calls to prominent persons in the country on his behalf to spare him in a wrong. That is confirmation that everything that has a beginning certainly must come to an end.

AS a Christ Devotee, we are been admonished by the Lord to abhor lies the type meant to destroy another man which is what Kayode does ravishingly and feels fulfilled. I need to repeat here again what I said in one of my posts on Facebook Messengers that only those with low self-esteem would condone or openly associate for purpose of Nation building with a character as Femi Fani-Kayode or anyone like him. And I still stand by that assertion.

End Time Message.


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