FG And Igbo Governors Must Never Grant Amnesty To IPOB/ESN

It is with heart ache that I’ve read some comments online from disillusioned and misinformed Igbo youths that Ipob/ESN should be granted amnesty and “reintegrated” into the society. Their reason being that boko haram, fulani bandits and niger delta militants were all granted amnesty. In essence, what these misguided Igbo youths are saying is; ‘North has terrorists, therefore we must have our own. The SS has militants, hence we must have oours’. These unreasonable Igbo now see criminality and violence as a form of “national cake” in which Igbo must have her own share in. These ill-informed youths have now forgotten that elections are going to be held in Anambra and the presidential election, which is the ultimate ticket/means to having a substantial part of the national cake is just 2years away. While their counterpart in other regions are strategizing on how to navigate the Nigerian political spectrum vis-a-vis the national collective menace of fulani herdsmen, they are now focused on the distraction known as ESN aka unknown gunmen as directed by the greatest runaway coward in modern history- Nnamdi Kanu. This coward is in London, hiding, having a good time with his family-thanks to money donated to this conman/coward by misguided Igbo, while many keep loosing their lives for a fraudulent cause.

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Back to the main aim of this topic; my main reason for being opposed to any form of amnesty to the terrorist organisation called Ipob/ESN is because of the bad precedence such action will torpedo to. If president Muhamadu Buhari and SE governors have the best interest of Ndigbo at heart, they will NEVER grant amnesty to these terrorists IPOB. On the other hand, if the president decides to yield to the outrageous cry of granting amnesty to these vermins, then I would conclude that Buhari hates Igbo.

The resultant effects of past amnesty:

Amnesty was granted to MEND militants by the late president Musa Yahadua, most of the youths were being paid 65k per month. This has lead to able bodied men and women lazying around, with no atom of skill. The only thing these folks are good at is shouting ‘our oyel, our oyel, our oyel’. Most of these youths in this region are now into cultism, because of this entitlement mentality.

Boko Haram/Fulani Bandits: The insurgency in the north is now in its 12th year, with no end in sight. The northern leaders funded, groomed and nurtured these monsters, and now they’ve become multi-headed hydra monsters, completely out of control.

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The Igbo I grew up to know:
Growing up, I saw most Igbo parents, like mine push their kids to be the best in whatever they set out to do, especially in education and the ability to decipher truths from fiction (I don’t know if such drive still exists in the Igbo parentings of today). The Igbo I knew was a Igbo with the ‘can do spirit’. A people who always excel when you don’t expect them to and a people with immense wisdom. That’s why our ancestors never had kings, hence the phrase-Igbo eweghi eze. We are only led by the wisest amongst us, who must have demonstrated exemplary leadership quality, the most important being the ability to listen to other people’s views and to weigh his actions and utterances very carefully, especially how it affects his people.
If amnesty is granted to these IPOB/ESN terrorists, I foresee a situation were most Igbo will engage in a life of crime, making the SE inhabitable. The Igbo ‘can do spirit’ will gradually fizzle out. Our competitiveness that has made us develop an apprenticeship scheme, which in turn has helped us to develop the largest middle class in Nigeria, to the awe of our adversaries, will be completely destroyed.
Ipob members must dissociate themselves from Nnamdi Kanu. When you study his actions very well, you’ll know he has nothing to offer anybody. All he’s after is his pocket. To all those who are bamboozled by his ESN, it’s all fraud. Kanu video-shopped the the videos of the Ambazonian training camp. His ESN is not even upto 50 misguided youths, 16 of which were killed in Aba last week by the military. Kanu even denied them when they were caught. ESN/unknown gunmen is a ploy by Kanu to keep raising money, because when you keep seeing ESN, you will keep sending money, thinking he’s working by safeguarding the SE.

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How ESN Operates:
ESN attacks police and military checkpoints. Steals their guns (Kanu is so greedy, he couldn’t even buy his ESN an ordinary AK). ESN then buys a cattle from a fulani herdsmen, takes the cow into an isolated bush. Then they video themselves running and shooting, claiming they are chasing fulani herdsmen. They build a few small huts in the bush, burn them down and tell you it’s fulani settlement they burnt down. All na format! They are desperate for cash, hence the continued videos of their childish acts. who records himself, shooting and chasing fulani? Enough of these stupidity or else, 

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