It is a fact that the Nigeria government is often mute or takes too much time before it address key national issues. This has prompted media personalities to be ahead of them in the broadcast of national issues. The government has often come back to refute the claims made by the media and calling them fake news.
On the contrary, the government is dubiously pushing on anti-social media bill to curtail the media. But we know that the government lies and what should serve as truth they keep secret. A typical example is the Minister of of Information and Culture whose name tallies with his character-lies. The present administration is wack without transparency and accountability as we all know. It has lost its legitimacy to making and covering up of lies to gain political relevance and continue to fail.

Do not get it twisted or be confused. As you know, Nigeria has been furnished with lies and the activities of the government blurred. The citizens have always been fed with falsehoods from the government and opposition media organizations. To make things worse, we also have top political affiliates who on their own are information gurus. Everyone of these entities have led us astray in their acclamations of what is true or false concerning Nigeria. And, here we are today and not knowing whose information to hold valid concerning Nigeria.
One of the questionable attribute of Nigeria today remains the acute status of the person of President Buhari. Buhari has been accused of being a body-double/clone by Nnamdi Kanu till date. Today, millions of Nigerians especially from the South-East region believe in Kanu’s shenanigans on Buhari’s personality. Though, Buhari had denied Kanu’s malicious antics in a 2018 interview with the BBC. This notwithstanding, individuals and a group of Nigeria’s ethnicities and tribes remain doubtful of their president.
The Chief of Staff to the President, Abba Kyari is dead. His death raised nonchalant responses and pandemonium from the masses. The ecstasy accruing from his death cost a Kano State Commissioner his office. What happened to Muaz Magaji is a show of gross intolerance from a beneficiary of a failed electoral commission. However, the basic interest on Abba is the allegation that it is not the cops of Kyari that was publicized in a TV burial. This allegation came from a woman who announced the death of Kyari weeks before the government consented to his demise.
Now, this is Nigeria; a country of religious falsehoods, social imbalances, ethnic/tribal hates and worst off, constant political downturns. So, in order to find equilibrium to these short falls, the system “religions, media and politicians” finds a way to distract us from the truth. The political system which we should trust for fair hearing and factual information is misleading. It lacks clarity and tells so many lies with little or no truth to direct us rightly.
Hence, individuals who claim to be insiders feed us with information from undisclosed sources. They do not just embark on sharing information hastily; it is because they have our interest. These people don’t want the underhand happenings within the government to keep eluding us. Though, the truth is hard to know, the rumors that this people feed us could be true.
Howbeit, if we can profile Kanu, Sowore and Kemi. These are freedom fighters, media personalities and social activist who are turbulent to the government. They have something in common; which is their skeletal knowledge of the people that constitute the structure of this administration. These are individuals who could directly or indirectly affiliate with the people in power. Therefore their assumptions are credible enough to be factual or true but lack the backup from the masses to ascertain them.
Obviously, the calls on the citizens to yield to the country and government has to be the other way round now. Though, Buhari said that he is the real one who was elected in 2015 and not a body-double. He needs to do more than words to authenticate his personality. This is because Nigerians numbering in millions still doubt his personality. Nigerian leaders are a shocking people with dubious characters. A former State Governor once disguised as a woman to return to Nigeria from England. This incidence and more cast doubts on our leaders.
Though, he may not have gotten his evidence completely right, I don’t think Kanu is foolish. That is, to persist that the President is a body-double. In the wake of Kyari’s death, he has opined that Nigeria has no functioning government. Elsewhere, in the social media space; rumors have it that the President’s office is inaccessible due to Kyari’s death. This is because the door to the President’s office can only detect Kyari’s retina and palm scan.
In addition to the allegations that the government need to address is Kemi Olunloyo stance on Kyari’s burial. Kemi is the daughter of a former State Governor; a medical personnel as well as an investigative journalist. I have no doubt that information she lets out concerning the government could be true given her pedigree. Although, she did not named the dead high ranking cabinet member of the President in previous weeks. But, she could reject the government’s claim that Kyari was buried on Saturday in Abuja. Instead, she said Kyari died in Ikoyi, Lagos and he was cremated.
As it stands, the masses have lost confidence in the government of the day. To reverse this condition, the government needs to stop being the fake media. It has to tell us the truths on the state of events and allegations surrounding its premises. It will be wrong for the abstract handlers of the government to look away from Kemi’s proposition. The citizens are in dire need of a true channel of information dissemination. We are tired of lies from all quarters of the media in Nigeria. It’s the people’s right to consume credible information on State affairs. Therefore, the government should tackle Kemi’s statements and reach us with truth and evidences.
If the government fails to tackle these key issues, then we can settle with the likes of Kanu, Kemi etc. for first hand information concerning the polity.

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