FG Never Restrained Ministers From Disciplining Chief Executives But Strengthened Due Process Principles

Our attention has been drawn to the highly distorted news report in few online news media claiming that the Federal Government has restrained ministers from disciplining chief executive officers of the various agencies of the government.
Contrary to the sensational news report, what the Federal Government did was to strengthen the existing policy that forestalls arbitrary removal of chief executive officers and its negative consequences or impacts on stability and service delivery.
In a statement released to newsmen in Abuja, the National Publicity Secretary of APC Mandate Defenders, Mr. Ifeanyi Emeka said, the action is to arrest a situation whereby a minister who is an appointee of Mr. President takes unilateral action without recourse to due process or laid down rules as contained in the Public Service Rules of Nigeria.
To avoid the embarrassing situation such action brought to governments in the past, the Federal Government decides to issue a circular to ensure cohesion and stability within the system.
Contents of the circular reads:
“When an act bordering on serious misconduct against a Chief Executive Officer is reported, it shall be the duty of the supervising minister through the permanent secretary to refer the matter to the governing board for necessary action in line with the relevant provisions of the Establishment Act and the principles guiding Chapters 3 and 16 of the Public Service Rules.”
“The board shall in line with due process, issue him/her a query requesting an explanation with respect to the specific act(s) complained about; the board shall forward its findings and recommendations to the minister for further consideration and necessary action.”
“The minister, after due consideration of the submission from the board, shall on the advice of the permanent secretary, forward the ministry’s position along with the recommendations of the Board and the explanation of the Chief Executive Officer to the Secretary to the Government of the Federation for processing to Mr. President for a decision.”
“Upon receipt of the submission from the minister, the Secretary to the Government of the Federation (SGF) shall without delay cause an independent investigation and advice Mr. President on the appropriate course of action.”
“This procedure shall serve as a mandatory guide and all ministers of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, and any other public officer in similar supervisory position, are enjoined to strictly abide by its content.” 
“For emphasis, on no account shall a Minister of the Federal Republic unilaterally or arbitrarily remove a serving Chief Executive Officer, without recourse to the procedure contained in this Circular.”
We believe that every thing contained in the circular are exculpatory or self-explanatory which does not require high education or technical knowledge to understand.
We therefore condemn attempt by mischief makers to distort the story to suit their crave for sinister.

We hereby warn them to stay clear as no amount of news distortion or sensational reportage will make the Federal Government to loose it’s focus in its bid to move the nation to the Next Level.
Mr. Ifeanyi Emeka,National Publicity Secretary,APC Mandate Defenders

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