FG Should Learn From Amotekun’s Mistakes And Clamp Down On Kanu’s ESN Immediately

Amotekun eastern security network

As the country inches closer to solving its vast security issues with the setting up of various community and regional security networks around the nation, some other citizens have been tasked with the personal aim of fermenting trouble and throwing the efforts of our decent security hierarchy to the dust.

Insecurity is a well-known hydra that has constantly attacked the Nigerian state irrespective of status and location.

This prompted the emergence of the western security network also called Amotekun which was set up to take charge of the security network in the western part of the country.

Amotekun was formed to basically institute a neighborhood security network to safeguard the residents in communities across the Yoruba speaking parts of the country.

The inauguration was welcomed as an idea whose time had come as the incessant attacks by suspected cow herders were becoming very rampant in the bushes.

Recently, that lofty idea has turned into a nightmare as the group has been fingered in some extrajudicial killings.

As bad as it may sound, the Amotekun corps has been put in a bad light due to the recent killings in communities..

Just some few days back, three youths were feared dead during a bloody clash between youths and some Amotekun officers at Tapa, in Oyo State.

From information gathered, the Amotekun officers attempted to stop the youths from organizing a carnival which was reportedly banned by the state government.

This prompted the students and the officers to engage in a fight and this led to the officers opening fire on the youths.

Apart from this, other instances have been reported of the Amotekun corps waylaying innocent individuals and this has signaled a bad omen for the state and the region entirely.

The NANS body in Oyo state had given the state government an ultimatum to reorientate the Amotekun corps and also address the unwanted brutality meted on the residents by the officers of the network.

Now with these signals in the open, it is pertinent for the state government and the FG to immediately clamp down on the eastern security network also called ESN which was recently formed by Nnamdi Kanu.

Amotekun, which is controlled by about 6 state governors is already making mistakes and it will be scarier and terrible if ESN, which is not controlled by any organ of government, to go on the loose.

The ESN has constantly taunted the government and this is really a bad omen as allowing this network to last till the election period will signal doom in the whole eastern region.

According to a report, Kanu had warned the eastern governors not to attempt to set up another security network in the region and that only his ESN should be made to function.

This is a timebomb waiting to explode if not resolved immediately.

The country is already divided along ethnic lines and the security of citizens is paramount hence the need to clamp down on all enemies of the state before the situation gets to a full-blown war.

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