Flash Back: What Father Mbaka Said After Jonathan’s Pigeons Refused To Fly In 2015

Mbaka Jonathan

The word ‘pigeons’ quickly climbed to the top of twitter trends on Friday following an occurrence at the Eagle Square, Abuja, where the Armed Forces Remembrance Day was marked by the Federal Government.

President Muhammadu Buhari had performed the traditional freeing of white pigeons to signify the country’s harmony, but the birds refused to fly at the first instance of their release – a display many claimed signified disunity in the country.

In 2015, Rev. Father Ejike Mbaka of the Adoration Ministry Enugu Nigeria (AMEN) had described a similar incident involving former President Goodluck Jonathan and his wife, Patience, as an indication that God had rejected the former president.

Mbaka, ahead of the 2015 presidential election, had said Jonathan would lose his re-election bid because the “healthiest” of the birds he freed when he hosted the president’s wife at his church refused to fly.

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The cleric had said, “Last time, the First Lady came here. We are not partisan; we welcomed her. We did a spiritual drama here. Lifted four birds to fly up, the main one that should fly up refused to go. I did everything possible and that one is the healthiest of them all but refused to fly and the spirit of God said, don’t disturb him.

“When God rejected Saul, David took over. Let me tell you, in the history of Nigeria, we have never experience bloodshed as we have in the time of Goodluck. If Goodluck means bloodshed for Nigerians are you waiting until your own blood is shed? We need change, however God will do it. Look at the insecurity if you go to the northern part of Nigeria.

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“My fellow priest, my fellow pastors, don’t just stand up to attack this message, because you have mouth. Think well before you put your mouth, the voice is beyond your own contribution. Listen, are you waiting for your own church to be bombed before you speak out? If you go to Maiduguri, some parishes have closed down. Go to Potiskum. People no longer go to church on Sundays in many parts of this country. Now imagine a scenario where a president cannot fight a simple insurgence. This is not an external country attack o. It is not like another country invaded Nigeria. It is an intra distraction. And many of us are claiming that it was because Buhari said that he was going to make Jonathan’s government ungovernable. Listen, let’s assume Buhari said something like that, even though it’s not Buhari who said it. So if you are the president and somebody say something like that, will you not arrest such a person?” he queried.

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