For The Love Of APGA

For our great party APGA to remain afloat, we must do so well to rekindle the love for one another the party was founded and known for; Many seems to have given up hope and has now turned enemies and counterfeit to their trademarked establishment because they feel left out and rejected in the running of governance.

….. My opinions are usually time tested, and the hard truth, I have No apologies for being blunt.

His Excellency Governor Willie Mmaduaburochukwu Obiano must brace up, and rescue the sinking ship of APGA from the hands of frenemies. Worshipers in the day, crusaders at night. Those who only visit the lodge to claim they are in full control whereas their political zones are bleeding badly due to their greed. Those whom Rather than uphold the slogan of APGA “nkea bụ nke anyị” they now believe in Nkea bụ nke m.

Those turning against our party are not doing so because they don’t have the coloration of APGA in them anymore, “(every trueborn onye Igbo is APGA just like we are all Biafrans from birth)” rather the few saddled with responsibilities of keeping the party afloat in various areas have now abandoned the vows of “Onye Aghana Nwanne Ya” made for APGA to be, and now fend for their friends and families alone, no longer for the interest of APGA. (This was what led to the irredeemable death of the PDP in Anambra State).

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His Excellency, Gov. Willie Obiano must ignore the sycophants ejaculating around him, gossiping up, down, left and center, that things are fine with the party, whereas, in actual sense a lot is going wrong under the Matt. He should see things for himself; Those furnishing him with sweet news and mobilizing miscreants to be shouting Akpokuedike Global at every function are not doing his administration, and good intentions for ndị Anambra any good, rather sabotage.

APGA is now on life support machine in Onitsha North & South and Ayamelum due to the selfish interest of some supposed stakeholders. I don’t wish to blame anyone yet, but would rather call for proactive response from the Grassroot managers or better still let them be overhauled. Sad enough the above mentioned constituencies are in Anambra North zone where the Governor and the speaker of the House of Assembly hail from.

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Most of us had taken numerous bullets and absorb criticisms for our great party while the backstabber(s) Continue unabatedly, and still claim to be working for APGA (Height of hypocrisy). When we speak up, they either label us inconsistent characters or not loyal; But we are more consistent and loyal than them all, just that we tend to resist every attempt to be rubber stamped.

Numerous Grassroot generals, movers and shakers, are now ganging up against APGA, due to the sudden power left in the hands of returnees or ill character POLITRIKCIANS based on recommendations and not merit, who do not know anything about politics, rather exporting our common patrimony to foreign land to better their lots alone while the real electorates wallow in pains.

The said Technocrats and greedy others appointed into government rode on the back of many of us and other electorates, but has now turned their back on the people who led them to the top waiting for another electioneering season for them to come cow electorates. Only an insane man does same thing always and expect different results, the people may revolt against innocent man due to the recklessness of few greedy men in positions.

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Those who spent fortunes to fund the last elections, many of them are still not compensated, yet they are still resolute and on course to do more for the party. We must brace up, and do the needful.

Furthermore, The Speaker of Anambra State should use his position to better the ugly condition of the people of Ayamelum and not just his Smith city cartels.

Ordinarily, this piece shouldn’t be on Social media but discussed in private like my Oga Udodeme Emeka would always advice, but the sycophants clustered around His Excellency won’t allow him to attend to discerning voices.


BY Uloka Chuks Ogbunike

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