Former Northern Governor Reveals What Igbo Presidency Will Do To Nigeria

Election is a time where citizens of a country come out in large numbers to choose who is going to lead them over the course of the next tenure. It is also a time when people aspiring for political offices are to get prepared, given that you should make up your mind beforehand.

Nigeria as a country will hold her next general elections in 2023, with the seat of the president up for grabs, given that Muhammadu Buhari’s is currently serving his last tenure as president.

There have been calls from many Nigerians for the zoning for presidency by political parties should go to the South-East, who are also called the “igbos”. Nigeria has not witnessed an “Igbo” man as president under the democratic system of government. It was in the military rule that an “Igbo” man, Aguiyi Ironsi ruled Nigeria.

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The cry has been mainly from the Easterners with some persons already listing some qualified candidates from the South-East. Recently, some Northerners has also joined to demand for an “Igbo” president and one of them is the former governor of Bauchi state, Mallam Isa Yagadu.

According to The Cable, Isa Yagadu revealed that the South-East should be allowed to have a go at the presidency, adding that Igbo presidency will strengthen Nigeria.

In an interview with The Sun, He said ” I believe in Justice and equality and in oneness of our dear nation. Much as in politics is a game of numbers, we must strive to build confidence among our regions.

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The East should be given a shot for the presidency, but should not be seen as a right, but comfort in the minds of our brothers and sisters,that as a region, they have had it too. If North-South is flying for now, why not North-West and East fly? If that will strengthen our unity and faith in our country, why can’t we have it? Igbo presidency will strengthen our country.

No region will be better off in the event of restructuring because of the uniqueness of Nigeria. Let’s strive to have patriotic and God-fearing leadership that will place Nigeria on the path of sustainable growth and development.

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From our history,no region will be politically stable to allow for economic growth. We will eventually have tribal regions making up the Federal Republic of Nigeria. Are you not proud of America appointing our Yoruba brother as treasury secretary under Joe Biden? America achieved this by accommodating races, why can’t Nigeria do that?

Mallam Isa Yagadu was elected as governor of Bauchi state in 2007 and was reelected for a second term in 2007.

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