“Fortnite” Creator Epic Games Made $3 Billion In 2018


Fortnite is the most popular game in the world. The battle royale style coupled with the easy to learn approach won over millions of gamers around the world. It spawned copycats and influenced the entire gaming community. Even gaming staples such as Call Of Duty ditched their campaign mode to dive into the world of battle royale. Even with competitors popping up all over the industry, Fortnite was able to amass a ridiculous amount of money this year.

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The list of entertainers suing Fortnite aren’t going to be happy with this one. According to Tech Crunch, Fortnite creators Epic Games grossed $3 billion in profit in 2018. The massive haul helped push Epic Games worth to $15 billion. The fact that Epic Games made $3 billion in profit is insane to think of, because that means they paid for all their employees’ salaries, their building’s rent, and all other costs before walking away with more cash than most people will see in their lives.

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Although the game is free to play, Epic Games has been able to hook gamers with microtransactions. Battle Passes and other in-game treats keep gamers spending money, which beats the old method of selling them one game. The key for Epic Games is keeping gamers spending through multiple seasons, and it doesn’t look like their reign will end anytime soon.

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