Fraud, Corruption: The Government Is Not To Blame, The People Are

Fraud, Corruption: The Government Is Not To Blame, The People Are

The earth provides enough to satisfy every man’s need but not every man’s greed. How the EFCC never get to discover all these, makes me give up on the system. Nigeria is in a mess, and we may not get out of it soon

many persons make similar statements to this and it makes me worry about “What you think Nigeria is”

my dear, Nigeria is you & I.

Nigeria would not change, until you & I have a change of mindsets.

It seems the arrest of Ramon Abbas aka “Hushpuppi” seems to reawaken everyone to the existence of Internet Fraud, but the truth is that it has always been with us, and would always be here if we keep waiting for just EFCC to put a stop to it.

What have you done to combat crime in our society??

internet fraud (Yahoo-yahoo, G-boys), ponzi or other types of fraud have become a very common event in our daily lives. We tend to know or have heard of people that engage in these events, but we keep quiet about it, for one reason or the other, maybe because they are our friends or family.

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How many of Our friends who are into Internet Fraud (G-boys), whether they have hit or not, have you reported to the Police or EFCC??

we tend to forget that, “It is these same individuals (G-boys), who engage in all these acts of fraud, & hit it big tomorrow that would use those money to contest for election with well-meaning individuals like yourself and win you, because you do not have enough money to spend like them, regardless of what your motives or plans are.

After they win and get there, they’d continue their G-boys on a political level, with their looting, and then you’d come on Nairaland or twitter to complain.

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Just imagine Hushpuppi was to run for senate tomorrow, who would win Him with all the money he has to spend??

Also on other other side, most youths and young persons, students, etc that go onto cyber-crime is due to “Peer Pressure/Influence”. if you see someone you know from Adam, who is just at your level or maybe you are even better than the person, all of a sudden, riding big cars, and buying houses for himself or his parents, you’d start thinking about why you cannot achieve the same, and then you’d be ready to do whatever it takes to do that, however legal or illegal.
You will then encourage yourself with the fact that many people are doing it, and that there is corruption everywhere.

my dear, the problems of Nigeria are You & I…. let’s not deviate it or run away from it!!!

this is & has always been my own Stand!!!

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If you want our country to change, it begins from you and I. You can start by reporting those friends of yours who are into various kinds of frauds (from ponzi to large scale BEC) to the Police or EFCC, and let’s worry about whether nothing was done or not….

start from the root & protect the future…

Until we are ready to do that, our country would remain the way it is, if not worse, because, the G-boys would continue to make money & run for various elective positions in government, and when that happens, they’d have the public funds, security & other elements of government at their disposals to do what they like..

Nigeria cannot be better until its Citizens decide to be better, because, we are the present & future government.

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