Freedom Flows Through The Veins Of Every Biafran – Nnamdi Kanu

Leader of the Indigenous People of Biafra (IPOB), Nnamdi Kanu, has promised to support oppressed Nigerians in their quest for peace and freedom.

In a statement issued by Kanu and signed by his Director on Media, Emma Powerful, he noted that “freedom flows through the veins of every Biafran from historical times to the present time, adding that it was one covenant that the group has with the almighty God.

“That is why it was Biafrans who took it upon themselves to liberate enslaved Africans during the era of slavery in the America.

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“You cannot discuss any topic of liberation and attempted liberations during the enslavement of Africans in the America without talking about the Biafrans, who led these liberation efforts.

“That is why Haiti could not be free until a Biafran, Dutty Boukman (an Igbo Dibia), led the Haitian revolution that engendered the second independent country in the Western Hemisphere.

“Biafrans liberated Haitians and other South Americans, maintaining that it was the reason Haiti recognised Biafra back in 1967,” Kanu said.

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The IPOB leader, who spoke particularly about the bandits and herdsmen’s killings in the country noted that the “centre could no longer hold,” just as he blamed the consistent insecurity challenges on the lacklustre attitude of the Federal Government.He expressed disappointment over the Yoruba, who he said have watched while the herdsmen unleashed terror on their land.

Kanu further said that “In the midst of this seeming complacency of such a great race, one wonders what happened to the indomitable Yoruba civic revolutionary zeal that in time past, led to changes in Nigeria.

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“Where are the famed Yoruba media and political activists, who fought back with Operation Wetie in 1964, who virtually instigated the first coup in 1966, then forced Babangida to step aside, marooned Abacha into pariah status and early death, and even helped to force Jonathan out of power? Why are they silent while Nigeria, including Yoruba land, is being steadily converted to a neo-Fulani empire on a daily basis?”

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