Friendship: Can You Stay Friends After Sex?


Every relationship has its moments, and so do friendships. Let’s say you have a friend and, along the line, you both start getting sexually attracted to each other. Then you end up having sex with them, things get awkward, and it damages the friendship.

While this may seem like the way some modern-day relationships work, there are ways you can stay friends after having sex.

Here are a few tips:

  • Have “the talk”

It may seem easier to act like nothing happened or to avoid each other, most especially when it was a one-time thing. But it helps both parties to sit, talk and evaluate the friendship. Decide if you both want it to grow into a relationship or not.

  • Accept the decision made

Sometimes, the feelings may not be mutual, and one party may feel more than another. Either way, it is better to accept whatever decision you both make and move on or end the friendship.

  • Give some space

If you both have decided not to nurture the relationship, then you can either go ahead and continue as friends or take a healthy break from the friendship in a situation where the feeling isn’t mutual.

  • Don’t stalk each other

Most people say that the point when they stop stalking their ex is when they know they have finally moved on. Although it will take a while, this is one healthy way to make some space. Take up healthy hobbies, visit new places and just have fun.

  • Declare boundaries

More often than not when you have sex with a friend, it goes on more than once. Learn to declare boundaries and state what you really want out of the friendship. Until then, you may end up more hurt than when you started.

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