FRSC Personnel Deformed My Finger And Seized My Car, Man Cries Out

FRSC Personnel

In a video shared on Twitter by a journalist with the account name Alawode–James, Olajumoke, a man whose name was unidentified could be seen narrating his encounter with the Federal Road Safety Corps (FRSC) personnel who assaulted him and seized his vehicle.

According to him, the senior officer of the FRSC Sango-Tedo, Mr. Adekanla, collected his phone and had his car seized. He said that he was asked to make some payments in the bank which he made to get his car released but to no avail.

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The FRSC personnel inflicted an injury on his finger while taking his phone forcefully from him.

His words:

“This is Road Safety Sango-Tedo. Mr. Adekanla forcefully collected my phone and seized my car after I made payment. They injured me because they forced my phone out of my hand. I’ve paid the N4000.00 (Four Thousand Naira) and other charges I was asked to pay in the bank but yet they have refused to release my car.”

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“Mr. Adekanla said that he wants to hold my car for one week before releasing it and I don’t know the jurisdiction he has to hold my car for one week after making payment. He said the reason why he will hold my car for one week is that I said whenever I pass here am not going to stop because they are stopping me for a wrong deal which was the reason why they seized my phone.”

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“I was on handsfree but they said that I was using my phone. Regardless of that, I paid the N4000.00 and other charges. They also said that I didn’t use a seat belt when I was on a seat belt. Now I want to collect my phone and he, Mr. Adekanla, is denying that he didn’t take my phone from me. This is theft and abuse of power”, he cried.

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