Fulani Herdsmen Attack Police Officer In Bayelsa State (Photos)

According to SirBob Yekwe who shared the news on facebook:

Sgt Charles Biweribo is a Toru-Ebeni (in Bayelsa State) born police officer, serving in the Bayelsa State Command of the Nigeria Police Force.

Yesterday, he was posted to the 5-star hotel area, close to the flyover at Azikoro Road axis of Yenagoa.

He was gallantly in his duty post till about 5:00am this morning, when he noticed the FULANI herdsmen trooping into the 5-Star Hotel with their cows.

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Alerted by the noise and as a security officer posted to that area, he simply ordered them to leave the premises but the herdsmen blatantly refused.

While the altercation was ongoing, one of the FULANI herdsmen dived Sgt Charles and started dragging the rifle in his possession.

Thank God for the intervention of other of his colleagues, the life of Sgt Charles Biweribo was spared, but with stab injuries while one of the herdsmen was arrested.

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