Gas Explosion: Sanwo-Olu’s Unhelpful Finger Pointing

Gas Explosion: Sanwo-Olu's Unhelpful Finger Pointing

On the gas explosion this morning in Lagos, Governor Sanwo-Olu has this to say:

“The reports I got showed that the explosion could have been avoided if the operators of the gas plant had ADHERED to safety guidelines. Lives would have been saved and properties too would not have been affected.”

It distresses that the governor deliberately overlooked the fact that the inaction and inertia of the Lagos State Government contributed to the tragedy. Whose duty is it to enforce adherence to safety guidelines and punish those who violate such brazenly? Is that not what Sanwo-Olu gets paid by the second? Having failed or refused to do his duty, he is pointing fingers.
There are so many disasters waiting to happen in the state because the government isn’t alive to its duties. Is not even alive to anything at all. Drive round the city and see gas cylinder shops located in residential areas. Don’t Alausa goons see them? Who approved them? Even on the road leading to his Alausa office on Obafemi Awolowo Way, a new filling has sprouted conspicuously there recently. Doesn’t he see the danger there? If there’s any fire incident tomorrow, he will rehash this same line.

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