Gov. Abdulrahaman Begins Fresh Moves To Hijack Party, Says No Retreat , No Surrender

…Mobilise Ward Chairmen for Hatchet job against BOB led Caretaker Excos*

Kwara state governor, Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq has launched another scheme to truncate the party presently constituted around Hon Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa, BOB led Caretaker committee in the state . This is in a desperate bid to avenge his recent loss to the party chairman in Abuja , the fct following 11th hour sworn-in of BOB as party caretaker chairman by Governor Buni-led National leadership of the party.

Recall that last weekend , the Governor had perfected plan to substitute BOB with one of his AA faction members to emerge as caretakers Chairman for the all progressive congress , kwara state but in a dramatic manner, Hon Bashir Omolaja Bolarinwa was inaugurated alongside 35 others as caretaker chairman for kwara state APC.

*Gov. AA , his family and Supporters still Nursing Injury Sustained from BOB Miraculous Victory*

This development which has thrown Governor and his supporters off balance since last weekend has left the Governor puzzling on how BOB managed to emerge at Abuja despite huge financial resources committed to upstage him at the national arena .

Aside from the huge fund paid to so many APC leaders in Abuja for assistance, the Governor hired 5 different private jets which conveyed his supporters to and from Abuja after he was said to have secured assurance from Buni-led committee that his candidate, Chief Fagbemi would be sworn in as replacement to BOB at the inauguration arena. Infact , the national leadership of APC had contacted Fagbemi to expect SMS communication the next day for his inauguration only for higher authority to prevail on the party to not swear in anyone except Bolarinwa for Kwara state APC.

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Inside source close to Abdulrazaq family confided in this medium that a senior Sister to the Governor and former Senator , Kahirat Gwadabe had put a call through to Governor Buni , head of national caretaker committee of APC to express her family sadness over Buni 11th hour betrayal but Buni replied immediately that the forces behind BOB were beyond his influence and that he could not have sacrificed the party for any offer Abdulrazaq may be willing to put forward. This statement threw Senator Kahirat off radar as she was said to have locked herself inside her room for over 24hours in Abuja before phone calls from Governor Abdulrahaman could convince her to cheer up and expect another twist in the game .

*How Police Foiled Abdulrahaman’s Attempt to Disrupt Kwara Inauguration*

When all hopes seems lost to block the inauguration of party’s chairman in Abuja , the next action is to deploys local machineries in kwara to truncate inauguration of state , local government as well as wards excos of the party who of course will be taking instruction from Bolarinwa , the new sheriff .

He war seems not over as some hoodlums invaded and tried to force themselves into the secretariat where the inauguration was taking place in order to disrupt and prevent the smooth running of the program. However , the men of Nigerian police who were on guard repelled their attempts and even made few arrests . no doubt , they were same boys sent from government house to attack Bolarinwa in Shao town , Asa LGA few months back.
Fortunately for lovers of APC, the party chairman had successfully inaugurated all excos of the party from state to ward level all who are expected to act s caretaker executives pending the general Congress next year.

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*Shortly after Inauguration, Governor Summoned all Ward Chairmen*

Meanwhile, governor Abdulrahaman Abdulrazaq had summoned all the 197 ward Chairmen inaugurated by BOB to an emergency meetings shortly after their inauguration. But the Governor was disappointed again to see that out of 197 ward chairmen who received his invitation messages for the meetings , only 45 from Kwara north were able to honor the Governor’s meetings .

*What Transpired at the Meetings*

*Disappointing Numbers*

The Governor could not hide his bad feelings as he openly told the Speaker , Hon Yakub Danladi who was in charge of his mobilisation that the number of chairmen who attended the meetings was not sufficient to execute his plan to hijack the party.

Responding, the Speaker , Yakubu Danladi urged the Governor to give him another chance to reach out to more party officials.

*Luring with TIC Appointment*

Following the words of hopes from speaker , the Governor proceeded to the business of the day telling his guest what he wanted them to do for him with assurance of handsome rewards and patronage .

The Governor started by informing his guest that he would not be conducting Local government elections nor be appointing caretaker chairman for the councils until his mission to take over party’s administration is fulfilled. One of the Chairmen who attended the meetings quoted the Governor as saying :

“Gentlemen, I want to start by assuring you that you are my people , you must go back home and woo your colleagues to this side so we can have the majority, I believe you can do this for us so that we can also do what we can do to help you. On the issue of local government or TIC constitution , no appointment or elections will take place until we are able to take our rightful place in that party , we own the party and we must take charge of it fully “

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The Governor also talked about rewarding his loyalists with UBEC contracts that his administration is working towards .

“All of you should go out there and make biddings , all the contracts are for those who we see as our own , you will enjoy me once you are ready to cooperate with me fully . to us, loyalty is key , we won’t tolerate half loyalty from anybody “

The Governor also informed his guest that the battle line is now drawn between him and the BOB led party noting that he would never rest until he showed BOB the way out of that party

Let me make it clear that the battle line has been drawn , I am ready to show them I am not weak and I am not a coward . I promise you all we will take over the party but you must do your bit by bringing your colleagues on board . I am not presently impressed with this turn out but I want to give yoy more chance to prove yourselves”

The Governor concluded his speech by declaring fifty thousand naira cash gift for all those who attended the meetings and also collected their account details for further engagements

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