Gov Hope Uzodimma Is No Doubt, A Gifted And Noiseless Administrator

Governor Hope Uzodimma

There are certain characteristics of Governor Hope Uzodimma that almost everybody is unanimous in that belief. First, Governor Uzodimma is generally known to be noiseless and very calm but  beyond that calmness is a very dogged person. Secondly, Governor Uzodimma is not a greedy person. At least among other shining qualities of the man, these two are incontrovertibly factual. Even his worst critics cannot fault these attributes of the man.

In Imo governance and politics, this Omuma born politician is not given to noise making or playing to the gallery. He is not  interested nor perturbed by side talks, cheap blackmail and pull him down syndrome but always focused and thoughtful. He achieves results without the usual noise making. And that is why I see him as jumping inside a River without making a splash. What stops others does not stop him. The mountains others see are only but valleys to him. He uses the stones thrown at him to form building blocks and stepping stones.

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In times of storm, he sails ashore. At a time, you think it is the end of the road is when he creates way of escape. Nothing borders him and for him, no obstacle is insurmountable. He believes that every challenge is challengeable and that at every dark cloud, there is always a silver lining. His administrative dexterity is better seen at the point of serious challenge. 

In fact, Governor Uzodimma is specially gifted. He is such a man that can  squeeze  water out of  a stone. He can find water in a desert. That is Governor Uzodimma for you.

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He prepares himself for eventuality and sees every  difficulty as an opportunity  to prove his mettle. That is Governor Uzodimma for you. He ignores you  if you are of inconsequential level no matter how you try to insult him but only faces you if you put him in a  fighting mood. He is very result oriented and can throw up surprises. He does not believe in half measures. His mind is made of gold, his brain naturally wired to be sharp. He thinks and sees far above and beyond  his contemporaries. He has seen it all in this business of politics. That is Governor Uzodimma for you.

Anytime, he sneezes, his enemies catch cold. Anytime, he is angry, the Angels go to war on his behalf. Anytime he kneels down, Heaven opens. He operates at his own level and can make a very difficult situation to appear easy. He can give a dying man hope and makes the person  to see reason to live again. That is Hope Uzodimma for you.

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