Gov. Hope Uzodimma Set New Standard In Salaries And Wages Payment System

Governor hope Uzodimma has maintain a transparent and accountable stance as far as salaries and wages in Imo state is concerned with the Introduction of the enterprise payroll system. This is mostly seen in the area of payment of workers salaries and pensions and this is more reason why each time complaints of non payment of salaries and pensions emerges, it becomes worrisome as to where the fault is coming from which is not far fetched from corruption in the system built by the enemies of prosperity and development to defraud the Government and good people of Imo state of their commonwealth.

It is on record that during the last Christmas, a complaint form was sent to all Local Governments in the state and was collected by February. It is interesting to note that those with peculiar issues are being sorted out and by next month it will be addressed as those getting double salaries will dealt with accordingly and those with incomplete bio-data will be contacted. This is just one out of the many ways Gov. Hope Uzodimma is addressing civil servants complaints in the state.

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It is surprising while Gov. Hope Uzodimma had asked those with issues to visit the appropriate office to address their issues or better still wait for sorting of the already collected Datas, some civil servants and pensioners decided to be a tool used by the opposition to cause unease in the state as witnessed last week through the protest. Thankfully, the Governor in his transparency style collected their details and took it upon himself to ascertain where the problem is coming from and lo! It is what we have envisioned it to be.

The attached photographs are some details of these protesters and after a detailed investigation we found out thus;

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i. The Yellow lines across some names indicated that the affected persons have duplicates details thereby earning double salaries or earning salary and pension same time. This group of people will be made to face the law in coming days.

ii. The rest have uncompleted details which they have not gone to verify thereby not getting their salaries.

These no doubt this is a clear confirmation that the shared prosperity government of Gov. Hope Uzodimma will not for any reason withhold the salaries or pensions of Imo workers or pensioners if not for the above issues and this should put to rest the accusations and politically motivated protests aimed at painting the state government in false light.

In few days to come, the Imo State Data management center in collaboration with the office of the Governor New and Electronic Media Center will be launching an interface program to help pensioners and civil servants settle their problems.

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Again, it is imperative that Gov. Hope Uzodimma and his government cannot be cowed, guilt tripped or cajoled into doing the biddings of those that has vehemently refused to do the right thing to earn their salaries and pensions instead we warn them to desist from such attempts and use their time and energy to rectify their problems and earn their salaries and pensions like the rest.

Imo people will continue to see and have reasons to trust and believe in the shared prosperity government of Gov. Hope Uzodimma as it will always expose the truth to her people and as well ensure the right things are done always.

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