Heidi Montag Reveals Why ‘The Hills’ Revival Is More ‘Authentic & Realistic’ Than Original Series

                           Heidi Montag

In an EXCLUSIVE interview with HL, Heidi Montag opened up about what fans can expect in the highly-anticipated upcoming revival of ‘The Hills’.

Heidi Montag, 32, is opening up about the exciting revival of The Hills and from the sounds of it, it’s going to be quite different than the original series, but in a raw, real way! The reality star EXCLUSIVELY spoke with HL at the recent launch of her sister-in-law Stephanie Pratt‘s jewelry line launch for MeMe London at Switch Boutique in Los Angeles and she let us know what she loves about filming the highly-anticipated new show.

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“Every time it feels so surreal,” she admitted. “I just look around and I’m like, ‘Where am I? This is such an alternative reality.’ I feel like it’s been a lot more authentic and realistic. It’s very exciting.” The blonde beauty also talked about how the show will feature her one-year-old son, Gunner, who she shares with hubby Spencer Pratt, 35. “He’s definitely the number one baby featured,” she gushed. “He’s great with the cameras. If he wasn’t, I would be way more hesitant. I don’t think I would film a lot. I’m very hands on with him so that’s been my challenge is being able to be a part of the group. I won’t really be going out at night past certain times at night a lot.”

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In addition to the show talk, Heidi talked to us about possibly expanding her family with Spencer, whom she’s been married to for almost 10 years, in the future. “We talk about it,” she said about having another child. “A part of me wants them to be two years apart and that means I need to start trying soon, so I’m torn because I feel like maybe I’ll wait and my hands feel very full and I haven’t slept in 18 months so maybe I should have a break and then at the same time I’m like, ‘I’m in it, let’s just do it, they’ll be 2 years apart.’ So I’m just really torn.”.

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As far as her secret to keeping her marriage with Spencer thriving? Heidi credits it to communication and love. “I think prioritizing each other and being loving and gracious and treating each other well is the secret,” she said. “I think that’s really important, to communicate and treat each other well on a daily basis.”

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