Herdsmen Unlawful Killings In Delta Communities: Time To Ban Selling, Eating of Cow Meat

By Fred Latimore Oghenesivbe Esq.

Fulani Herdsmen have been around for several decades, going about their businesses peacefully and without any form of criminality traced to them and their activities until a decade ago.

Their criminal activities grew geometrically and became worrisome and consistent as soon as President Muhammadu Buhari assumed office as civilian President. It has been alleged that Mr President is a core Fulani breed, a prominent cattle rearer and exhibits strong passion for the wellbeing of cattle and herdsmen.

It is worrisome that the Presidency and security agencies high command seem to pay deaf ears to the unlawful killings perpetuated by these herdsmen now alleged to be a militant unit of the dreaded Boko Harram militia group. Their leader is a core Fulani breed and resides in the Sambisa forest for reasons best known to the financiers of the group.

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Several law abiding and innocent young girls were unlawfully adopted and subjected to all manner of inhuman treatment, some became forced wives to members of the killer group.

Fulani Herdsmen parade streets in our cities, communities and farmlands with assault raffles; AK 47 and revolver pistols killing farmers and raped young girls and married women in our farmlands, destroying cash crops and invading communities, some in military uniforms.

Cow meat is the reason for Herdsmen presence in Delta communities and elsewhere in the country but it appears that human lives are less important to that of Fulani cows. In the process of breeding and selling cows, they kill our people and render them economically bankrupt, eliminate families and establish strongholds in our communities. This is unacceptable. Some is certainly amis.

It is not realistic and will never make sense for us to be second class citizens to Fulani Cows. The federal government is adamant and it is becoming very clear that the activities of the Fulani Herdsmen is likened to a JIHAD, a fierce attempt for the Fulani’s to take over territories and establish colonies under Islamic laws and mores.

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If we must remain united devoid of political sentiments, these Herdsmen and their cattle must leave our communities or stop doing cow businesses in our communities. And the only legitimate approach is for the House of Assembly of Delta State, to speedily enact a law or Laws for the Prohibition and or ban the sale and consumption of cow meat in the state.

It is baseless and devoid of moral justification for our people to patronize Herdsmen who randomly and criminally kill our people and thereafter make money from same communities. Deltans must look for alternative sources of protein; bush meat, goat meat, fish and others so as to terminate cattle business with these heartless Fulani Herdsmen in the state.

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The efforts by the state government and the governor, Senator Dr Ifeanyi Arthur Okowa, is remarkable but the Executive and Legislative must take proactive steps to curb these deception and enact enforceable laws prohibiting sale and consumption of cow meat in Delta State.

I have no doubt in my mind that our amiable Mr Speaker, Rt Hon Sheriff Oborevwori and the 7th Assembly will act swiftly in conjunction with relevant stakeholders to fast track this piece of recommended legislation to fruition so as to save lives and property of our people.

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