Here Is The Reason Why You Don’t See Jehovah Witnesses Knocking On Your Door Again

 Jehovah Witnesses

Today I will be discussing the reason why the JW(Jehovah’s Witnesses) are not doing evangelism (House to a house) preaching again and don’t forget to share this article with everyone.

Some people wonder why Jehovah witness is different from Christianity, here is why: “Instead they believe that parts of the Bible are written in “figurative or symbolic language.” Witnesses follow the teachings and example of Jesus Christ and honor him as their savior and the son of God. But they believe that Jesus is not God and that there is no scriptural basis for the trinity doctrine” According to my source.

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Jehovah’s witness tends to hold fast to the belief, that this present world is being managed with the aid of Satan and it will be ended by using Jehovah, who will then mounted a new paradise Earth that will be ruled through Jesus.

Jehovah witness trust that only righteous humans will stay on this new Earth, with all unrighteous people being destroyed in the battle of Armageddon.

They tend to take the preaching work very seriously – even the aged ones and little children participate in it.

Jehovah’s witness is usually properly dressed, with a bag full of books and an umbrella to defend themselves from the rain and solar when preaching. You see them with their carts in the market and public places, preaching to people.

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Jehovah’s witness also goes to people in their residence to preach the Bible. They will continually seem to be for a way to hit upon you no matter how unaccessible your residence is.

Due to their massive visits Jehovah’s witness always loved doing, there had been jokes on social media that covid19 palliative must be given to Jehovah witnesses to share to terrible Nigerians all through the lockdown.

For some months now, we are no longer getting unexpected visits from Jehovah’s witnesses again due to the federal authorities who brought restrictions on religious gathering due to covid19. Due to this, Jehovah’s witnesses are now doing their preaching online.

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Jehovah’s Witness weekly conferences are now conducted online, mainly via video calls using the Zoom video channel.

Whereby, visiting people in their residences are suspended and for this, you may also no longer be receiving everyday visits from Jehovah’s witnesses due to covid19 and EndSARS issues.

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