How Buhari And APC Turn Nigeria Upside Down In 4 Years

It is always the desire of citizens to have the benefit of good governance in their country. Good governance is the key that opens the door of societal transformation; a society in which social amenities are adequately provided and reasonably managed. In Nigeria – the most populous black nation- it is no doubt that we want a better life, a better life made possible through good policies from the government. But what we have today has shown to be a government that does not care to give us affordable livelihood, let alone a better life. Such an uncaring government is seen as anti-people whose plans are to subject the citizenry to state of painful living conditions. Should we continue the administration of our nation with this kind of government?

In 2015, the APC fielded General Muhammadu Buhari and begged us Nigerians to give them a chance to rule our country for four years. They claimed that they have got plans to change the status quo of our national developmental system, but little did we know that what they intended to change was turning things upside down so that we will suffer extremely for it. The APC Government led by General Muhammadu Buhari took over six months to constitute its Cabinet. Consequently, when they were expected to start delivering what they had promised us they will do, they cancelled all their promises to the shock of many. Promises were not only cancelled, the government also began a game of blames. On daily basis, they blamed the past government for the present woes we are in. Is it this government that we wish to give four more years to rule us?

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It is no doubt that we had a fatal accident in 2015 by electing Muhammadu Buhari whom we thought is a new wine in a new bottle.  I am sure we can agree that the man has not changed his spot one bit. Evidently, we can recalled that our national economy did not only went into recession in early 1980s when General Buhari was in power, he arrested and imprisoned people with reckless abandon and total disregard to the law of the land. Today as he reigned in power for a second time, what have we got? Of course, the same policy he used in his first regime is what we are wallowing with today. Our economy went into recession, and today, the prices of food, transport, etc. remain skyrocketed to high heavens. Should we continue with this man for a fake “next level”?

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To be simply honest, we all know that the administration of Buhari has failed us as far good governance, rule of law and better economy is concerned. We do know that Buhari has serious health challenges and the best thing left for him is to retire to his home. We are not even ignorant that Cabals rule the country, and not Buhari. Should we therefore allow the Cabals to? continue inflicting pangs of pain on us for an extra four years? Fellow compatriots, is it not rather a way to Golgotha that we reinforce failure?

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Honest to God, it is a deadly decision to reinforce failure because this deceptive “Next Level” by the APC is a pathway to Golgotha.

Like Pontius Pilate who washed off his hands against crucifying the Lord Jesus Christ, let’s us wash off our hands against reinforcing failure. We wash off our hands by supporting PDP Presidential Candidates. Atiku-Obi is our best choice in this present state for a better life. Atiku-Obi assuredly will better our lives and get Nigeria working again.

Fellow Nigerians, let’s come out massively this Saturday and cast our votes for PDP. Remember, PDP is the Party for Atiku-Obi, Umbrella being the logo.


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