How do I get a connection with a sugar mummy in Nigeria?

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It is annoying that no one has really answered this question.

A sugar mummy as the name derives, is usually a woman who has achieved financial and material success, who is probably retired, depressed, bored and missing her youngish days.

As shocking as this may seem, there are a lot of women who fit into this category because, let’s face it, a lot of women who are successful today probably didn’t mess around or have enough fun in their youth, because they were busy chasing the societal definitions of success (financial, career, marriage and family).

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Deep down, a lot of these women harbour urges and indulge in a lot of crazy fantasies that would most likely never be acted on, because of how the society views these things.

Now this is where you come in. To fill in this gap, this emptiness in their lives. Your goal as a sugar boy will not just be restricted to sexual activities, but to remind these women of their youthful vitality, and to make them feel alive again.

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To achieve this you need to access yourself first, if you’re truly the type of person who is young, physically attractive, youthful at heart, energetic and exciting. Because that is what they crave.

Once that is done, then you have to place yourself in scenarios where you will encounter such women. Such scenarios include office locations, religious institutions, high brow restaurants, relaxation spots, etc.

You have to do the hard work of approaching these women and making them feel attracted and attached to you, emotionally and otherwise.

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When you make any woman (regardless of her age) emotionally attached to you and fuck her in the process, you can control her soul.

The only thing that can end this juju is death.

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