How IGP Crack Team Nab Robbery Syndicate That Raided Six Buildings


Six members of an armed robbery gang which recently gave the residents of Aboru area of Lagos State, sleepless nights, are currently in the net of the Inspector-General of Police Intelligence Response Team(IRT).

Crime Tracker learnt that, the residents would not forget in a hurry what befell them sometimes in January 2019. The suspected armed robbers were said to have terrorised the residents with guns, cutlasses and other dangerous weapons, attacking over six buildings. We learnt they dispossessed several victims of their cell phones, laptops and cash, while several others were inflicted with severe injuries.

It was gathered that following an alarm raised by residents, the Inspector-General of Police, (IGP) Mohammed Adamu, detailed head of IRT, a Deputy Commissioner of Police, Abba Kyari, to investigate and round up the suspects.

Further investigations revealed that DCP Kyari in turn detailed a crack team of operatives led by Philip Rieninwa, a Chief Superintendent of Police (CSP) to comb the area who successfully apprehended six members of the gang.

Also arrested was an alleged stolen goods receiver, while two locally made guns, 60 mobile phones and over 30 laptops were recovered from the suspects.

It was revealed that when the police interrogated the suspects identified as Kunle Akerele, alias Kunle Poly, Norudeen Akorede, Ayuba Aransi, Adewale Toyin and Oluwatosin Adeyemi, they allegedly confessed to the crime and also provided details of how they formed the gang, roles each of them played during various operations.

But a member of the gang, Akorede was said to have blamed his parent’s separation as the major factor which drove him into crime, alleging that his father’s new wife may have placed a curse on him which pushed him to become an armed robber.

Akorede 24, is said to be married with two children and a native of Abeokuta, Ogun State. According to IRT sources, he met his gang members at a smoking joint and they lured him into armed robbery. He was quoted as saying: “I was fixing Aluminum doors and windows before I joined the gang, I am married with two children and I reside in Alakoko with my mother where she rented an apartment. My trouble started when my parent separated. My mother and father went and remarried, I was in secondary school when my parent separated and my mother took me along, while she left my father’s house. After my secondary school I went to learn how to fix aluminum doors and windows. My father’s new wife started tormenting me, they made my younger brother go insane and she also poisoned my father, after which she turned me into an armed robber. Aside fixing aluminum doors and windows, I am a boxer and I am a good table tennis player. I am skillful but my father’s wife wasn’t happy about it and turned my life into a mess.

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“I started smoking in 2017. Two years ago, my story changed when I went to look for a girl at Egbatedo area in Alakoko where people smoked Indian helm and other hard drugs, then I met Kunle Poly, who thought me how to smoke and he equally introduced me into his robbery gang. I started following Kunle, then we met two other guys, one is dead now, known as Rafiu and Olamide and they started talking to me about armed robbery and I joined their gang and we went to four operations together. But it was in the last operation that we injured so many people

“We robbed four buildings and I was given only N20,000 in that operation. I wasn’t even aware that Kunle Poly stole a gold necklace in one of our operations and the people whose house we robbed also disclosed that N400,000 was robbed from them in our last operation. My gang members were just using me as instrument of evil, they will go inside the houses and asked me to stay outside and watch out for the police and they will rob huge amount of money from our victims and handover peanuts to me.

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“I regret getting myself into this mess, I want to advise people who are into armed robbery to stop, but I know that my predicament started because my father married two wives if he had not, my life wouldn’t have been like this. I gave the devil the chance to mess up my life,” he lamented.

But Kunle-Poly, who is a native of Ekiti State, according to the police, said that he went into crime because he had no job, saying he bought his first gun for N20,000 and narrated how he formed his gang which terrorised residents of Aboru area of Lagos State for six months.

Kunle 29, was quoted as saying :“I have no job and I was always spending lots of my time at the Indian helm joint in my area but my friend, Akorede brought the idea of armed robbery and that we should buy a gun and we will use it to rob people from house to house. I accepted and Akorede then linked me to one Peter who is the person taking us to the areas where we robbed people. I approached one Tunde Yusuf, who lives in my area and I gave him the sum of N20,000 to buy me a gun. He has a gun but he has not been arrested.

“Our first operation was in Aboru, there is this Ayuba, who is a friend of Peter, he called me and said he has found a community we could rob. This was in November 2018, I led six members of my gang to that community. We had two guns with us and we robbed four bungalows filled with tenants. I had one of the guns with me, while Tunde, 24, had his own. Peter, Ay and Bode had cutlasses with them. So when we approached the first building, Peter removed the Aluminum windows and enter into one of the rooms and he threatened everyone in the room and from there he opened the passage door for us and we entered into the building and robbed all the occupants of their phones, cash and laptops. I can’t tell you the number of phones that was robbed at that building. Then we moved out of there to some other streets where we robbed three additional buildings. At the end, I got two phones, one laptop and N15,000 as my share and I became angry. I told them that I won’t go with them for any other robbery operation because the money we got was too small and I told them to only call me when they have more lucrative operations. Before I was arrested, I joined another gang led by one Emir and we robbed a building in Agbado area and we robbed them of three laptops and five phones. Then I was arrested the next day. It was the receiver that brought the police to my house and when I was arrested, I learned that Akorede and Peter led another group to rob people in Aboru and they injured a lot of people in that process. Some of their victims had their fingers chopped off and their heads smashed with cutlass. I also stole a gold necklace at gun point in Aboru and I sold it for N400,000.”

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