How My Sister Was Sexually Violated By A Doctor At Alimosho General Hospital

My Sister went to this hospital on 28/12/18 to have HIV & hepatitis tests. She had no complaints whatsoever as she was in a perfect physical state for a 25 year old lady that she is. She only wanted to know her status for these diseases for personal reasons. She was asked to open a hospital card and wait to be seen by a doctor.

She met with this doctor whose name is Bankole, and was expecting to get a pre-test counselling as is the usual practice after the doctor-patient interaction of history taking. The doctor however asked her to go lie down on the examination bed instead and without specifying what examination he was performing on her or why, he moved swiftly towards her, raised her gown up and started pressing her tommy. The door was locked. At this point, she wasn’t suspicious of anything yet as she only thought it was merely a doctor with bad bedside manners, but then, this doctor suddenly went further raising her blouse higher above her breasts, raised her bra and exposed her breasts all by himself! ”Oga” doctor then asked her with a ”rapey dirty old man smile on his face’’ while squeezing her nipples if it was painful. There was nobody else in the room! At this point, my sister was so shocked and confused and didn’t know what to do. She described this incident graphically how she had never felt so violated before in her entire life. She has had HIV tests before and what she was expecting from this doctor was a pre-test counselling and education on HIV and hepatitis but she didn’t get any of that, because nipple examination was more important to this doctor. The way this doctor pounced on her intimidatingly and went to town on her breasts without warning despite her not complaining of any problems with her health or her breasts left her in trepidation. She felt helpless and sexually violated, such as no patient should ever feel after being seen by a doctor.

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We started looking for ways to flag up this incident and lodge a formal complaint against this doctor, who possibly has been getting away with this kind of unprofessional behaviour. Unfortunately, we stumbled on Nigeria Medical Association (NMA) contact online to seek for advice and contacted the chairman, but without hearing the details of what happened, the Lagos state NMA chairman started defending this doctor and throwing tantrums, saying he has been disrespected and dared us to take it to wherever we like. He expressed no sympathy for the patient who has gone through this horrible ordeal in the hands of an unprofessional doctor, who should normally be a trusted custodian of the healthcare institution, but instead, Mr chairman turned himself into the victim.

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Does anyone have an idea how to report this kind of incident and who to report to. Thanks. Please see the chats below.

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