By Collins Opurozor

Health is a top priority in Ezinihitte. This is because only a healthy citizenry can contribute to development. Any development programme that does not take account of health issues would have left out the basic component of the human development agenda.

Ezinihitte Mbaise has 103 health facilities both private and public. Unfortunately only two medical doctors are available to cover the 103 health facilities.

Most of the Health Centres have dilapidated infrastructure and are ill-equipped. To be sure, most of them require renovation. There is also a lack of portable water and regular power supply in most of the health centres. There are 29 Nurses/Midwives including 106 other Health Workers. This is completely unacceptable in view of the population of Ezinihitte. The people of therefore patronize patent medicine dealers when they are sick because of the high cost of accessing orthodox medical service.

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The consequences become glaring: Material mortality rate is 300/100,000 while infant mortality is about 120/1000 live births. These indices are unacceptable by international standard.

Also, malaria is endemic in Ezinihitte with an average prevalence rate of over 70%. More than 25% of households’ income is expended on control and treatment of malaria. Other major diseases in the area include typhoid, diarrhoea, worm infestation, tuberculosis etc; most of which are water borne diseases. Fake and adulterated drugs business thrives in the area as the high poverty level compels the people to prefer to buy the drugs since they are cheaper. Hence whenever they are sick, they seek medical treatment from traditional medicine healers, patent medicine shops and quacks.

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As a result, Okey Ezeh is determined beyond words to provide an effective and quality healthcare seevice that is affordable and accessible for a healthy Ezinihitte citizenry and to reduce infant mortality from 103/1000 to 30/1000 and maternal mortality from 800/100,000 to 100/100,000 by providing the facilities and manpower that will deliver good health to the people.  With Okey Ezeh as Imo State Governor, Ezinihitte shall be a place to be proud of. Vote SDP!

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