How The Post Covid 19 Realities Will Hit Us

How The Post Covid 19 Realities Will Hit Us

By: Anthony Nwosu

The world is doing everything to ‘wash away’ the effects of Covid in the global business space but the truth is that it will alter a lot of things in our lives and our lives will never remain the same as they say in churches! The time to adapt, adjust and start getting used to realities is now!

People are particularly worried not about the Covid 19 but post Covid era… Things would change forever and the way we think will be altered a whole lot. Basically for the past 3 months I haven’t been to office yesterday I went to office for the first time or second, had nostalgic feelings and I felt out of place… I have gotten used to working for myself, also I have come to have a very personal relationship with myself and creator ! Covid 19 isn’t going anywhere for now and it is assumed that it will stay with us in the next 2 yrs!


Now the basics of the matter is that a lot of things would change ! A whole lot , let’s start from jobs, people would definitely loose jobs! If you are into events marketing, planning,MC, DJs, Comperes , ushering services or event security… I will STRONGLY advise you to look for another job! It’s important that you know that the policy of social distance will be in place and even if it doesn’t people would be scared of going to events! People have learnt that they don’t need millions for wedding and. I didn’t spend either on mine.

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If you work for religious organisation such as church, mosque temple or something,y dear you must start reviewing your job because people will not come to churches or mosques at least for now! So get yourself another job!

Education will change, the world need doctors , scientists, engineers , software developers not musicians , fashionista, immans , Reverend or some funny history teachers! The world need those that will add value! If you have a child, the era of let my kid decide on what to study has passed you have to guide them, I am guiding min

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