How They Plan To Rig The Anambra State House Of Assembly Election

They want to rig the House of Assembly election. They are afraid. They no longer trust any voter. They are paying money to collect PVC from voters.

All the civil servants have been asked to submit their PVC. They want to use it to boast the card reader and falsify results at the collation centres.

The presidential and national assembly election of February 23rd exposed them. They thought that the 21/21 victory was their own magic, they failed to appreciate all the stakeholders that made it possible. Instead of appreciating them, they chased them out of APGA.

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They went into the February 23rd election thinking they are popular. They erroneously thought they have structures. But like a pack of cards, they were reduced to nothing politically.

They are in a panic mood right now. They are not ready again for free and fair. They are perfecting rigging.

But like February 23, they will fail again and again. The glory of those who made 21/21 victory possible has left APGA.

PDP and YPP will takeover the state assembly after March 9 election. Let them keep intimidating and collecting all the PVCs of the civil servants, it will still not work.

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Those civil servants submitting their PVCs are taking risk. Allowing someone to use your right to vote, your franchise to perpetrate electoral fraud is an offence. It is punishable. Get your PVC back and file out on Saturday, March 9 to vote for your choice.

They conducted their own election during the APGA primaries and messed up the whole system, let’s teach them a small political lesson now. Let APGA become minority in the state Assembly. This is the only way Oye can be removed to enable us recover APGA after this election and repackage it for 2022 governorship election.

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All the people we shall vote in YPP and PDP on Saturday were APGA members too. It was the hijack and destruction of APGA that pushed them out. If you are not happy with the atrocities witnessed during the APGA primaries, come out on Saturday with your PVC to register your grievances.

Like February 23, like March 9. A vote against APGA on Saturday, is a vote against Oye led APGA leadership.

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