How to Appear On Top Of Google Search Results

Google has controlled the search engine space for many years, explaining why many businesses invest heavily in getting indexed and rated on this platform. What’s more, Google’s rankings contribute to your business’s success. Moreover, with Google conducting 3.8 million searches per minute worldwide, it’s understandable why companies aim to be among the trending search results. You will discover how to the much-coveted top ranking of Google search results as you read on.

Optimize your website with keywords

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Website optimization can be done when you focus on keywords relevant to your business and written content. This means every single page on your website needs targeted optimization to improve performance on search engines. You may bear in mind that Google’s search engine is updated regularly to improve its functions regarding how it reads the content. With this information at your fingertips, you may leverage a credible SEO Marketing Company to carry out this skilful area for your business.

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Furthermore, the focus remains on reaching people and driving website traffic, although you’re optimizing your website to be read by Google engines. Therefore, always keep a fair balance in mind when dealing with SEO. Additionally, ensure your website is user-friendly and not overloaded with irrelevant content.

 Utilize the blog strategy

Google search engines automatically pick up a regularly updated blog that is of excellent quality. The trick is always to have new and great topics to write about on your website’s blog. Believe it or not, this makes a massive difference in how Google reads, picks up, and

ranks your website. Again, it will interest you to know that over 97% of bloggers advertise their content on social media to boost the numbers which form the foundation for Google rankings.

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Additionally, a research revealed that 77% of people read online blogs they are familiar with through social media, which further enhances your chances of being picked up by notable search engines, including Google. Therefore, if your website currently does not have a blog, it will be in your interest to set up one. But you should know that generating interest for your blog requires skilful writing, relevant topics, and regular updates. Do not forget to use appealing and relevant imagery for your blog content as well.

Generate influential backlinks

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For years, Google has consistently placed backlinks on a high pedestal. Usually, the volume and quality of backlinks that point to your website give it a level of authority. Unfortunately, some people have devised ways and means to deal with backlinks. Upon careful observation, however, you will notice that many of these tactics do not yield credible sources that boost search engine rankings. Therefore, when you have to use backlinks, the open secret is to settle on credible and authentic sources.

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If you’re passionate about getting to the top of Google search results, you must first understand the tenets of the digital world. Only then can you work towards a meaningful ranking that boosts your business. 

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