How To Boost Your Brain Power

Some people think that their brains are no good. They have doubts about their abilities to remember data and learn new things. At the same time, they compare themselves to other brains that seem to do the things they can’t with ease. If this sounds like you then read on, in this post, we’re going to dispel the myths around brains. The truth is that everyone has a special brain, they might all be different, but they are also all very capable. Here are some practical brian tips to try. 

Try New Things 

Your brain is an organ, not a muscle, that said, it sometimes acts like a muscle. In other words, if you use it and flex it in certain ways it learns. New neural pathways open up, and new connections are made. If you don’t keep your brain stimulated by continually trying new things, it will atrophy in much the same ways as a muscle will. To prevent this from happening, write down five things you have never done before and schedule a time to try them out. You might also benefit from puzzles and crosswords.

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Use learning Strategies

Your brain is a very powerful organ, even if you don’t have a good memory or you think you aren’t very intelligent. The reality is your brain is powerful whoever you are, and with the right guidance and strategies, you can unlock that power and be successful in any field, learn more here. The brain is more visual than once thought, and it really helps to use visualisation exercise and mnemonic techniques to improve memory recall and spelling. 

Eat Healthily

Your brain requires at least 20% of the nutrients that enter your body. It also needs the right nutrients to function optimally, so make sure you eat healthy food regularly and support your brain function. The brain loves foods like fresh fruit, vegetables, nuts, and oils such as omega 3. Walnuts and avocados are also good for this demanding organ. If you don’t eat healthy food, you will notice a deterioration in your ability to remember things as well as your creativity and overall energy levels. 

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Use Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a powerful spiritual practice that can help calm down your mind and also help your brain to learn. In any situation, bring your attention to the moment and concentrate on more than one thing. It might be a sound outside as well as an activity you’re working on, or perhaps the feel of the air on your skin and the sound of your footsteps. Practising this regularly will retrain your mind to pay more attention to the world around you. 


Although visualisation exercises are probably best for remembering data, the old-style revision is also very effective. It’s generally accepted that you need to expose yourself to information three times for it to sink into long term memory. The first time you read something, you get the gist of it, the second time you discover more details, and the thread time gives you more depth and cements it in your brain. If you have an important document or script to learn, remember the three-time rule. 

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