How to Check WAEC Result Online for 2022/2023 with Phone and Laptop

So you have been wandering How to Check WAEC Result online for 2022/2023 With Phone and Laptop right?

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Instead of spending money paying people to check your waec result for you, you can save that money for something else.

What Are the Advantages of Checking Your WAEC Result Online Yourself in 2022

There are quite a lot of advantages that accompanies you checking your waec result online by yourself and we will quickly have a look at it now, shall we!

  • It will help you cut down cost and help you save for some other thing else, just like I earlier mentioned above
  • Second reason is that, if perhaps your result is not really good, no one will see it except you and waec. So in this case it is very confidential
  • You will have the liberty of checking it as many times as possible and
  • Checking of your waec result will only be at your own convenience, time and location. You don’t ned to move out from the comfort of your home to do it.

Please Pay Attention:

To check your Check WAEC Result Online for 2022/2023 With Phone and Laptop you will ned to either use any of the ways mentioned below;

  1. Check your waec rsult via sms short code service
  2. Check your waec result Online on

Check WAEC Result Online 2022/2023 with Your Mobile Phone (SMS)

Here you are advice to send a short code service message (SMS) using the below code string:

  • Open your mobile phone,
  • go to text message and,
  • Type: WAEC*Exam Number*PIN*Exam Year,
  • Send the message you have typed To short-code 32327

Approved telecommunication service providers: MTN, Airtel and Glo network

A Typical Example on how it will look like:


Note: Provide only the year you sat for the examination only.

Check your waec result Online 2022/2023 on Andriod Phones/Pc

Follow the below process to successfully check your waec result online. Below are a number of things to take not of and that is what you will see when you login to weac result checking portal.

  • Examination Number : 123
  • Examination Year: 2021
  • Examination: PRIVATE CANDIDATE OR 


  • PIN:
  • Serial No:

That is just an example of what you should do, it does not mean that is the codes to use, purcahse your scratch card and follow the process. If you don’t want waec to penalize you go and get a waec scatch card please.

  1. On the waec result checking portal for checking of waec result 2021 you are to – Input the 10-digit WAEC Examination Number in the field provided.
  2. (This is your 7-Digit centre number followed by your 3-digit candidate number eg. 4123456789)
  3. Input the required Examination Year for example: 2020
  4. Select your preferred Examination type
  5. Provide the e-PIN Voucher Number you purchase
  6. Your PIN is required – type it in the field (e-PIN)
  7. If you have completed the above successfully then click on Submit. Once the waec sites finishes loading, your waec result will be displayed automatically.

Waec Online Customer Care Support Lines:

Tel: 01-9049320, 234-9062547247

A Wrap:

Here is a recap on how to Check WAEC Result online for 2022/2023; we have shown you all the protocols to observe so as to be successful while checking your waec result online. And also we made mentioned that, there are two ways that you can us in checking of your waec result and they are via sms short code service & on Andriod Phones/Pc.

If you have any question or complaints to make concerning how to check your waec result online please kindly contact waec customer service by using the official hotlines that we provided above.

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