How to Start A Successful Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria

Generally speaking how to start a successful poultry farming business in Nigeria is not difficult if you follow the right process, all you need to know is the cost of starting a poultry farm in Nigeria. Now if you know the cost of rearing 100 layers in Nigeria the cost of rearing 500 broilers in Nigeria will not be difficult. You only need to start somewhere – start small and then grow big. Talking about how much does it cost to start a poultry farm in Nigeria it is from as low as N50,000.00 Naira. This depends on some variables such as the present cost of things in the market. So you have to first check the poultry farm equipment cost in Nigeria to know how to plan.

So what does poultry farming means? Poultry farming refers to the process of breeding domestic birds such as chickens, turkeys, emus, ducks, geese, and other similar species for their eggs or meat. In Nigeria, this has been a prevalent practice for so long that it has become an integral aspect of the country’s farming and agricultural system.

Poultry farming is one of the most profitable agricultural business ideas in Nigeria right now, and it is also one of the most environmentally friendly. Start-up costs are low because you can do it from the comfort of your own home providing you have adequate space to accommodate the amount of birds you want to raise.

How to Start A Successful Poultry Farming Business in Nigeria

About Poultry Farming in Nigeria

A combination of population expansion and urbanization is driving a rapid increase in the demand for livestock products in Nigeria and across Africa, especially poultry product such as chicken. Poultry farming in Nigeria is one of the most rapidly expanding parts of the country’s agricultural industry. According to the ThisDay Newspaper, the chicken sector in Nigeria is worth more than N1.2 billion as of 2017.

From the standpoint of market size, Nigeria has the largest egg output in Africa, followed by South Africa. When Nigeria banned the importing of chickens (with the exception of day-old chicks) in 2003, the country saw a significant increase in indigenous poultry output. Most of the chicken in Nigeria is farmed in ‘backyards’ or on small poultry farms with less than 1,000 birds, indicating that the country’s poultry industry is very fragmented.

When it comes to poultry farming (chickens, turkeys, geese, and ducks), chicken is the most common since farmers receive a large number of chickens on a regular basis, which can be used for food or for the production of poultry meat. Now due to the increase in demand for the chicken and eggs which are in constant demand everyday in the Nigerian marketplace and homes. It allows polultry farmers to make a lot of profit from it. Also it is also senn to be a potent source of animal protein other than fish, pork, and beef, which makes it very profitable.

5 Steps on How to start a poultry farm in Nigeria

Do you want to start your own poultry farm? Down below you will get to see the cost of starting a poultry farm in Nigeria. At the end of the day you can request for our well structured poultry business plan in Nigeria. The guide we give out is poultry farming for beginners pdf where you can download it into your device and use it at your own convenience. There are a lot of opportunities in poultry farming in Nigeria one can venture into and make good money out of it.

Now if you must know the complete steps on how to start a successful poultry farming business in Nigeria, we advice that you enter the business with thorough preparation, taking into account all of its features. It is essential that you plan every phase of your business, from setting up the foundational equipment to growing the birds and marketing your enterprise.

Poultry farming is divided into several sorts, such as duck rearing, chicken rearing, quail rearing, turkey rearing, emu rearing, broiler rearing, and so on. The essential principles and procedures, on the other hand, are the same. The following are the five fundamental actions you must do in order to establish a lucrative snail farming business in Nigeria.

#1st Step: Your to Select Your Poultry Birds

It is always good that before you venture into starting your poultry farm business you have a thorough understanding of the types of chicken breeds that you will be raising (most importantly, poultry breeds that lay a lot of eggs). Nigerian poultry farmers, aside from those who raise chickens that are raised locally, tend to favor one of two major varieties of chicken, and they include;

(A) Broilers – this are young males and females that are reared for meat production. They grow from a hatching weight of 40 g to a mature weight of around 1.5 to 2 kg in only 6 weeks, depending on the species.

(B) Layers – they are hens that are employed for commercial egg production before being slaughtered for meat. Layer chickens are reared from the age of one day old onwards. They begin laying eggs at the age of 18-19 weeks and continue to do so until they reach the age of 72-78 weeks.

(C) Cockerels – Unlike broilers, cockerels are raised for meat production and have a specific market need; however, their growth is much slower than that of broilers, who grow at a much faster rate. Cockerels are adaptable and can survive in a variety of settings.

#2nd Step: Choose A Good Location or Site

The location of your poultry farm is extremely important to the success of your business. A farm site is required before you can begin raising chicken. According to the number of birds you intend to raise, the size of your poultry field should be determined. If you have adequate property in your backyard and cannot afford to purchase a new site, it is always preferable to begin with a minimal investment. You can start with what you have, but you should make it a goal to upgrade to a better farm as soon as you are able to.

In order to be successful, a poultry farm location should be located away from the commotion and rush and bustle of the metropolis. It should be a peaceful and pollution-free atmosphere. ‘ It is essential that the farm has access to enough, clean, and fresh drinking water sources. The land must also be devoid of poultry enemies and predators such as foxes and leopards, among other things. The location must be easily accessible from major highways in order to facilitate the transportation of farm products once they are ready for sale on the market.

#3rd Step: You Need A Secured Housing Environment

Talking about poultry farming in the broad and critical sense, housing is the second most crucial element to consider after obtaining a farm location. To ensure the protection and survival of your commercial poultry birds, you must provide them with appropriate poultry housing. The type of poultry housing system you choose is entirely dependent on the breeds of chicken and the technique of production. The design of chicken housing changes according to the different types of poultry raising procedures.

The habitat that will be constructed should be large enough to allow the birds to roam around freely and run about. The elevation of shelters must be sufficient to minimize the risk of floods. It should be large enough to allow the birds to walk around freely and run about freely in it. In addition, the shelter must be well ventilated and shielded from direct sunlight to be effective.

#4th Step: Consider Feeding & Health for Poultry Birds

It is essential for commercial poultry production that the feed be of high quality and nutritional value. The bird remains healthy and productive at all times because of the high-quality and well-organized meal. Because contaminated feed can infect poultry, it is essential to keep the feed clean and dry at all times. The key to success in the poultry farming company is to provide high-quality, nutritional food to the birds. Your birds will not be deprived of water. Their development can be hampered by a lack of adequate water supplies.

Note this; there are so many poultry diseases that can be avoided with the use of proper medicine and vaccination from time to time. As a commercial poultry farmer, you must have access to a veterinary doctor who can come to your farm and check on your birds when the situation calls for it. When it comes to your birds’ health, there are a variety of routine treatments and immunizations that can assist to keep them safe from viruses and bacterial illnesses, in the event that they contract an infectious condition.

#5th Step: The Marketing Aspects of Poultry Birds

It is the goal of every poultry farmer to make a big profit at the end of every harvest, which is why poultry farming is a profitable business. As a result, you must pay close attention to the marketing and sales aspects of your company. Make sure you are not so preoccupied with the operational aspects of your organization that you forget about the sales side.

However, the following recommendations can assist you in the marketing and sales of your chicken: expanding your business online, selling to hotels and restaurants, advertising your products, hiring marketers, offering home delivery, and so on.

What is The cost of starting a poultry farm in Nigeria

Several new firms need a considerable initial investment, which is out of reach for the majority of small business entrepreneurs. Another disadvantage of starting a business is that the return on your investment is slow to materialize. A small-scale poultry business, on the other hand, has a minimal start-up cost and yields profits quite quickly.

From N50,000 upward you can start a good poultry farm business in Niger (which effectively covers the cost of purchasing the day-old chicks and feeding them) and see a return on the money you invested into the business within six months intervals. Also, since chicks hatch in just 21 days, you can begin earning money as soon as three weeks after you begin your business. There is no other company that can deliver such a rapid turnaround.

In Summary:

Despite the fact that commercial poultry farming in Nigeria has produced and continues to create a profitable economic opportunity for entrepreneurs, it also has the potential to be a significant source of employment for job seekers. The majority of entrepreneurs prefer to raise day-old chicks and sell them to growers since it is less difficult and less hazardous than raising eggs. The decision, on the other hand, is entirely yours.

If you want to be a successful business owner, you must ensure that your company’s finances are in order from the start. Don’t forget that there are some software, that gives you the privileged to easily and conveniently keep all the detailed track record of your company’s revenues and expenses.

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