How to Take Better Photographs on Your iPhone

Taking photographs on your phone is amazing, as features on phones such as the iPhone get more advanced, you can take even more interesting and high-quality pictures.

However, if you have been looking for ways to improve your photography on your iPhone then you will need some tips to get you started. Making a few changes to your camera settings can dramatically improve the quality of your photographs.

Here’s a look at some of the best tips and tricks to help you create stunning photographs on your iPhone. 

Use Grid Lines

If you have not been using gridlines in your photography then you are leaving out an excellent strategy for taking great photographs. Gridlines will help you to follow the rule of thirds and center the subject in your photograph. The effect is that your pictures will look a lot more stunning.

It’s easy to turn on your grid lines all you have to do is go to settings and toggle the grid on. The next time you turn on your camera you will see grid lines on top of the screen.

Clean Your Lens

This is one of the simpler photography tips, but it is the one that is most underutilized. If you are like most people you probably use your phone a lot. Cameras can easily be filled with dirt and grime. 

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It can happen without you even realizing and it will affect the quality of your photographs. Before you take any photographs with your phone make sure that you have a microfiber cloth on hand to properly clean your lens.

 If you don’t have a microfiber cloth on hand then it is best to use the inside of your blouse or shirt. Whatever you do just ensure that you get the smudges off the lens, you may be surprised at how this one simple change can make your photographs look a whole lot better.

Tap the Screen to Focus

When you open up the camera you can tap on the screen so that it focuses on the subject more clearly.  

Your iPhone will attempt to do this automatically but if you can tap on the screen this will prevent your phone from having to use its own intelligence to focus. The overall effect is that you will have better photographs. 

Add More Light

If you find that the photographs you take are too dark and they don’t look as good as they should then you can make them brighter by turning up the light. 

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Once you tap the screen to focus the camera, you can hold your finger on the phone, you should see the symbol of the sun come up. Keep your finger on the screen and then drag to add more or less light until you are completely satisfied. 

Use a Self-Timer

A timer is a great way to ensure that you only take photographs when you are ready. This is especially useful when you are taking photographs of a whole group.

When you open the camera swipe up and you will find a menu. You will see an icon that looks exactly like a stopwatch. You can choose anywhere from 3 to 10 seconds.

 When the countdown begins you can get yourself or your group into position for the perfect shot. You can take several shots this way and then use this tutorial on how to make a collage on iphone to make a creative masterpiece that you can post on social media.

Go Closer

Zooming is a wonderful feature. However, as you have probably noticed it does tend to make the picture quality decrease. 

If you want to focus on a subject more it is better to just go a little closer and take the picture. If you still don’t feel comfortable you can apply a bit of zoom to make sure you get a good shot.

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Create Stunning Photographs

As you can see it just takes a few tweaks before you’re able to create stunning photography on your iPhone. You can try these simple tips individually or together to create better photographs on your iPhone.

The easiest and simplest thing is simply to clean your lens, you may be amazed at how the quality of your pictures improves just by doing this simple action. Often photographs come out smudgy and not looking their best simply because the lens of your camera is not clean enough. Combine this tip with the others to take great pictures on your phone.

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