Husband jailed 16 years for raping his wife

A husband who told his wife “it’s your duty to give me sex” before raping her has been jailed for 16 years.

Kelly Penny, 36, gave evidence to police after suffering years of abuse at the hands of her partner Gareth Rainbow.

Rainbow, 36, proposed to Kelly after a siz-month whirlwind romance, but her once “dreamy” partner turned out to be a violent abuser, Wales Online reports.

A court heard Rainbow raped his wife at her home and told her: “It’s your duty to give me sex.”

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He was handed a 16-year extended sentence for rape and sexual assault at Cardiff Crown Court.

Kelly said: “I made a statement to the police and Gareth was charged with rape but then he denied everything.

“I had no choice but to give evidence but I knew I had to do it. I just hoped the jury would believe me after all I had been through.”

Rainbow’s abusive behaviour began on the night of their wedding after he told his new wife to “stop f***ing whining”.

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Kelly spent the next few years tormented by her husband, who brutally attacked and raped her in their flat in 2015.

Rainbow was convicted of ABH at Merthyr Tydfil Crown Court in July 2015 and sentenced to 21 months in prison. But when he was released Rainbow bombarded his wife with 4,000 messages over four months.

In July last year he turned up at Kelly’s flat and launched a horrific sex attack on her. She said: “I tried to get push him off to stop but he was too strong for me. Then I passed out in shock.”

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Devastated Kelly said Rainbow poured himself a vodka after the attack. But she managed to call for help when he left the room.

She said: “The police were there within minutes. They handcuffed Gareth and took him away.”

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