Hydroxychloroquine: Stella Immanuel demands apology from Biden, others

Stella Immanuel

Stella Immanuel, the doctor who claimed hydroxychloroquine, zinc, and Zithromax, were effective cures for COVID-19, has demanded apology from US President, Joe Biden and the media which called her crazy.

Immanuel, a Donald Trump loyalist, made the claim on July 28, 2020, at the premises of the US Supreme Court.

Immanuel, a Cameroonian who schooled in Nigeria and is based in the US, was among a group testifying that the drug is efficacious.

She claimed she had treated 350 patients in her clinic and called all doubters scientific fraud. The move was to lobby the Congress to buy Trump’s advocacy for hydroxychloroquine.

On Wednesday, Immanuel asked Biden and others to apologise to her as new studies have revealed that Hydroxychloroquine actually works in treatment of COVID-19.

However, she gave no links to authenticate these new studies.

“I demand an apology. When we said Hydroxychloroquine works, we were ridiculed. Now studies are coming out saying it works. What about hundreds of thousands that have died and are still dying?

“I demand an apology from the media, CNN, CNBC, New York Times and all their likes, all those people, that called me crazy, from Hollywood, I mean from people that sat down making videos and calling me crazy, when I said Hydroxychloroquine works and they should not allow people to die.

“I am talking about FDA, CDC and others. I am talking about all of you, my colleagues, the ones that called me names and threatened to report me to the board and all that because I said Hydroxychloroquine works.

“Now you have all these studies that said it works. What about the 500,000 people plus that have died, who is going to be responsible for them?

“Even Joe Biden calls me crazy, I demand an apology from every single one of you because when I said the truth, none of you listened. You laughed at us, you ridiculed us and you allowed people to die. You are evil, this is evil, somebody need to be held accountable for this,” she said in a video on twitter.

Some of the commenters asked her to publish the links to the scientific studies, confirming the efficacy of hydroxychloroquine. She offered none.

Till now the World Health Organisation has not recognised hydroxychloroquine as a drug for COVID-19.

“Studies show hydroxychloroquine does not have clinical benefits in treating COVID-19”, WHO says on its website.

“Hydroxychloroquine or chloroquine, a treatment for malaria, lupus erythematosus, and rheumatoid arthritis, has been under study as a possible treatment for COVID-19.

“Current data shows that this drug does not reduce deaths among hospitalised COVID-19 patients, nor help people with moderate disease.

“The use of hydoxychloroquine and chloroquine is accepted as generally safe for patients with malaria and autoimmune diseases, but its use where not indicated and without medical supervision can cause serious side effects and should be avoided.

More decisive research is needed to assess its value in patients with mild disease or as pre- or post-exposure prophylaxis in patients exposed to COVID-19”, WHO added.

The FDA in the U.S.has not changed its position since 15 June, when it ruled that the malaria drug does not show any sign that it works against COVID-19.

The FDA then revoked emergency use of the drug, more so because of the adverse effects.

“In light of ongoing serious cardiac adverse events and other serious side effects, the known and potential benefits of CQ and HCQ no longer outweigh the known and potential risks for the authorised use. This warrants
revocation of the EUA for HCQ and CQ for the treatment of COVID-19,” FDA said.

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